Simply Cali…

No matter where you are in California, LA, the city will get you addicted since the first second. You didn’t believe in love at first sight? Visit Los Angeles and test your love skills. From graffiti lovers, to old school skateboarders, celebrities and dreams that do come true, fit young and old people who take care of themselves and just simply love to stay in shape. 

LA you have my heart, and you don’t need to give me back. ❤️

It’s a sunny day out there, catch the sun rays folks, get some coffee and breathe with full lungs, this day ain’t gonna be tommorow . 



Keepin’ it basic with Calvin Klein…

There is something seductive when you think about the color black. From the “Little black dress” quote that is a definiton for elegance, to the Black magic woman vibe by Santana… 

Black is always a great choice for any kind of mood you are into. Wearing black means mystery, attitude, hidden sexiness , never discovered goddess , one of a kind girl. 

Calvin Klein has always been a true inspiration and fascination to me. His sexy vibe, basic but still damn attractive.I love every single ad from CK , not to mention all of his masterpiece of work. Jeans, shoes, trench…. the list never ends.


Heels by CK

Bracelet by CK

Shirt by Forever 21

Pants private brand. 

 How do you feel wearing black? 

Cuz I feel like I should . 

Cheers for the mornings like these! 

Spring in Mexico is similar like a early summer in Greece. Feelin’ kinda blessed to have this opportunities to visit and see places like Puerto Vallarta.

Mexico is a story for itself. You know how they say : ” You have to see it, to belive it” !

If you are on your way for a vacation, and your destination is Mexico, come to Puerto Vallarta and live these landscapes!

And if you’re thinking about a hotel, there r dozens of them… So far my favorite is the Mariott International. 

High level of service, breathtaking views and a comfortable zone and tasty food. 

Buen dia de Mexico!

In a world of music, be a Nike ballerina! 

Everybody loves to workout! The new age of life has brought us to so much stress that beside a good glass of wine and a relaxing conversation with your bestie, the gym is the alternative for keep your mind and body in a great shape.

One of the great things that I admire when it comes to the US population is that no matter how busy they are, there is always a time for a gym. 

Working out in the park, back yard , running by a river or on top of a mountain , a healthy life is a “MUST” on that busy agenda!  

The benefits of working out are tons, but what I am really excited about is that fashionable outfits out there. 

One of my daily inspirations during a work out is a great leggings, shirt and shoes.

Nike has always been a leader in patterns and sports wear, of course with a big respect to the other brands that are out there. 

What r the benefits of working out?

Lots of them babes: 

*Healthy start of your daily life

*Happy expression on your face

*Skin that glows, just add some water to your system 

* Face expression saying “I’m happy ’bout myself” 

*Zen mood

What r u waiting for ladies and gets?

Let’s run!