That kaftan dress… Jai ho!

How many times u guys r walking with that idea that a good clothes r only found in the famous brand stores? See, style isn’t about to buy as many brands as u can, the point is WEAR IT,LIKE U MEAN IT! Or, for the braver rebel hearts – DARE TO WEAR!
Abu Dhabi seems far away, and lazy to pop in that plane and to sense the East… But when u watched “Sex and the city 2” ,and u saw that fashion in a desert is a quite a cool thing, and all these clothes, colorful dresses, hand made jewelry and oh those mystical sandals on your sun-kissed legs , the next thing that u did? For sure you were on searching for the best deals for a new adventure with your friends whose friendship never went out of style. We all don’t have the opportunity to travel to Abu Dhabi on a fancy trip, but for sure we can bring that East closer for free!

You see, Indian stores are all around us. Beside the great production and 100% percent cotton and comfort, have u noticed what a great patterns they have? Various colors, different styles and sizes, mix and match, all in one, and the land of creating is open and waiting for u.
I love when I mix and match from a single 5 euro clothing to expensive look alike. The friends who knows me good, they all the time say : Nina, only u can do that, how did u make it? The truth? We all can make it, just u need a lil’ imagination and to feel like u r wearing it. For example, every time when I have those faux leather leggings some cool shoes on and a basic shirt, when I’m in those clothes – i feel like a rock star, u know what I mean? Wear it like u mean it.

Anyways, sharing some pics of my kaftan dress that I bought in Greece and make it on my own way. Try it, don’t u stand there, VOGUE!



Kaftan dresses in blue and peach colors
Stradivarius ankle brown high heeled shoes
And a sun-kissed tan which comes for free 🙂

Don’t stand there, get inspired !



Feelin’ cozy

Have you ever heard someone to breakup with their bed? Cuz I promised to mine,to be always faithful no matter where I am.
Don’t you love when u r in your favorite PJ’s or like I do- from out to bed, with my shoes on! And when your mama calls your for that delicious lunch family time, you are thinking “TO BE OR NOT TO BE” ! And then, like a snail, you are headin’ to your next stop-KITCHEEEEN! That’s how dedicated I am to the love of my life 🙂 💓. Beside my favorite blanket, the only thing I am missing is one big teddy bear. Still hoping for that present, the kid never dies in me though …

I checked out my next destination a.k.a the kitchen, and the “separation” from the bed, was worth, cuz look what I found :


Home made, with chocolate on top of it! Hell yeah, who mentioned diet? No one !!! 🙂

Check your kitchen guys, who knows what kind of hidden treasure u can find , never give up!



Zara knitwear in mint colors – missing the mojito 🙂
Denim by Killah
Zara ankle black high heeled boots
Blanket – Tommy Hilfiger Home

Let it snow, let it …

The first snow is the first reason for that childish smile ! Although, I’m kinda the summer kid, I still enjoy in the view of my window when I see all covered in white. Doesn’t remind you when u were a small kid, waiting for your gang from the hood for that awesome snow fight? And who can forget the snooowman ,such a cool guy :)! That first snow, late at night, the white silence, head up to the sky, dancing with the snowflakes . Take your dog, call your friends, kiss your bf/gf in the white fairytale , and enjoy in the first welcome of the winter. I surely did, when I have awesome friends ,but don’t forget- winter doesn’t mean to forget about your style, don’t let that funky snow to make your fav. pair of shoes to stay at home. Get them out, and walk that snowy runway !

I did.

Leather black jacket – Greek leather industry
ZARA A/w 2013/2014 ankle high heeled black boots by TRF
Black Jeans a/w 2013/2014 by Pull and Bear
Shirt in warm yellow color by ZARA
Scarf -that Scottish fab. Pattern by Danier






Кокев… Денот по утрото се познава, а да се разбудиш во креација на Кокев, е како будење од убав сон.

Немам често присуствувано на ревиите на Кокев. Веројатно бидејќи сите ревии се полни до последно место. Ама, секој ден при идење накај Центар, ко дете во слаткара што желно гледа кое колаче да го избере, е така и мене очите ми светкаат, и гладта за мода ми се шири , кога секад ќе поминев поред тој излогот на спрат ,спроти Сектор. Дизајните, мотивите и начинот на изработка те асоцираат на една историја во Далечниот Исток, на забранета љубов, на сите оние мистики што ориентот и Истокот ги носат со себе. Според мене, Кокев , е македонската верзија на Зухаир Мурад ,што така добро го носи комплиментот ,и одлично ги спојува материјалите и боите во склоп на една модна хармонија, ако можам така да се изразам. Во креациите на Кокев, и најбунтовното младо срце се претвара во дама, пајчето станува лебед достоен за овации. Невестинските фустани , се веќе друга приказна. И мислам дека и да употребам некои зборови, убави нормално, би биле сувишни, па ќе ве оставам секој сам да си ја обои својата приказна. Најавата за новата колекција на венчаници 2014 изгледа примамливо, посебен ќеиф ми прави самиот “editorial” во црно бело издание , а венчаниците потсетуваат на една убава сицилијанска љубовна приказна , под ѕвезденото небо на isola di Capri.

Дел од моите омилени :




All aboard ! Passengers fasten your belt! We’re flying with Zara today!

Airports have always been an inspiration for me. Airplanes is my second I of my soul. How many times , while you were waiting to check in your ticket, when the cabin crew passes by or some pilot, you thought in yourself: Damn, that looks good, love their outfit. I don’t know bout you, but personally, I always dream for five minutes that I am part of that crew, looking so serious and business class, having my small luggage and still looking fashionable . All this badges, destinations, tuxedos and the sky is your office. Sounds nice ,right? Well, unfortunately, we don’t have that chance to be a pilot or cabin crew, but thank God for fashion houses who are making all of our dreams to become true. From this winter season by Zara , personally my favorite that I must have is :

Studio Jacket with golden buttons in navy blue from Woman section. Looks good with ripped tight jeans , aviator glasses such as Ray Ban or try Marc Jacobs. On the foot,would look awesome stileto, in nude or red color, or, if your are not fan of the high heels , try it ballerina flats. Comfy and cozy. Now, where is my private plane? While waitin’ , Maroon 5 is always a good choice 🙂




Balmain…. If u have, wild heart, electric soul …u probably love Balmain.

Never bought a Balmain. Not even a pair of socks :)) . But this fashion house, always knocks me down, and surprises me with the leather jackets, ankle boots! Not to mention the jeans and the rest of the collection. From black and gold, to majesty green and sea blue, love the way how Sir Oliver plays with the colors. From Harlequin , to the Slash biggest lover girl, every piece of clothing has it’s own story. And it’s a good one. See, Balmain is a mix of the past century to the MJ’s dirty addictive sounds. Walk that way road baby, like u never walked before. It’s not a surprise that artists such as Riri and Beyonce adore this fella. He knows what a woman likes, and nope, his mama didn’t told him. Oliverrrr, u r one bad bad boy! J’adore it!





The city of fashion… Milano? Wrong answer dear…Thessaloniki baby!

Walking through the streets of Thessaloniki, it’s not just a pleasure and a good state for your mind. It is a fashion runaway, and yes, it’s better than the first row of any fashion week! Greeks…beside the bodies of the Greek gods and goddesses, and the awesome clubs around , not to mention the amazing beaches such as Molos -Chanioti, and the great culture of drinking coffee. Coffee with a cookie is a must! It is always a pleasure for my soul, visiting my old friends, chilling by the sea. YES! Shopping is a must! Traveling with my fav. Stratos and visiting cities , it’s my fav thing to do! Try Frape, visit Kitchen Bar, Brothers in law restaurant , Vogue,Markiz, Ahilon etc… Greek language? Better than nuts and honey 🙂 .





The autumn look.

Autumn brings with itself a rainy days, cloudy mornings, and a difficult “break-up” with your bed and favorite blanket early in the morning. But, that’s not a reason , not to get well dressed, put your favorite boots, cuz these boots were made for walking baby!
Wearing: Dark jeans by Pull and Bear,
Zara Man Shirt, and Zara high heeled ankle boots,
Tuxedo by Zara
Marc Jacobs -sunglasses .
This is what I have chose for the day, visiting my hair dresser. Classy and stylish. Not to forget, the Danier leather bag across your chest! Feelin’ smart!


Je suis … Nina!


The weekend passed, but I can’t leave behind this Tres Jolie combination just like that, with no picture capp. Having the new golden bracelets by Bershka which remind me on the ancient Greece ( my favorite place to be) ,and oh-so feelin’ like Goddess. Beside the white “excuse moi corset” ,a high waisted skirt by Zara from this winter collection is a must! Mix and match it. Voila! My inspiration for this look? To the left to the left… Sounds familiar? For sure she does….Bey-o-o-onceee !

J’adore it!

Check out your brother’s closet, or your bf….

Boyfriend jeans, baggy pants and If I were a boy ,are just the common words that inspired the fashion world for the next level. Buying all the time the girly dresses ain’t funny. Basic means sexy. A size bigger shirt, and wider waist jeans not gonna hurt nobody. Dressed in the same style is boring. Through the days, I always something fun from my brother’s closet to wear and combine. Makes me feel more secure, independent and in the same time sexy. . So ,for this day I chose these bright jeans baggy pants by Pull and Bear, and Ramones shirt. Posing with my bff’s is a must have! Xoxo