Friday , I’m feeling casual 

Frida -YAY! 

Everybody cheer for Friday, from Wall Street busy street to European streets… No matter where you are, where are you from, Friday on every language means the same: Weekend calling and afterwork parties! 

But, Friday means getting your tasks done, finishing your deadlines and ordering a cocktail or maybe two 🙂 .

This Friday, I’m feeling casual cuz somebody has to run around the town! 

P.S The ZARA biker leggings are must have and for me, they are TIMELESS! 

Combine them, wear them and you will still look fab and chic! 


Tuxedo by Armani XCHANGE 

Leggings by ZARA

Shoes by Adiddas 

Shirt by Shasa 

Bag by Nike

Bracelet by Furla 


Nous sommes Nina et Ana. Nous adorons la mode, et un bon café ! 

Fashion all around , from A-Z, from head to toes… once you live in Europe, and you know you’re breathing fashion oxygen , you certainly have a duty to look and dress nice. And warm! Cuz Autumn is around the corner.

What I like about Autumn look, is combining Earth colors from brown to yellow , and you can finally wear your boots, ankle boots etc… And no matter what you choose, you will look adorable even in your scarf or poncho early in the morning, heading to take your coffee to go. 

So, spent your time with the people you love, cuz family is always here to melt and warm your heart. Just like Olaf 🙂 ! 

Wishing you a great, sunny, warm Autumn day ! 


Beautiful Belgrade ! 

Belgrade is always a great place to stay and visit indeed. The various nightlife , warm people, bohemian vibe in the town, big old buildings and streets like Knez Mihajlova will just make you feel in love with this city.

It offers so much, from places to eat, monuments to see, dear friends to meet, I personally think that Belgrade is a great escape for a self time. 

When you work on a ship, having a friends from around the globe, and meeting them in a certain country is a great feeling to see their dear faces. 

If you are visiting Belgrade soon, there are few tips where you can find a great food , shopping place, coffee and a night life.

For accomodation check 

Coffee: Smokvica coffee bar located in the heart of the town and in other locations will make your day. Don’t forget to try their Lemonade with mint! 

Lounge bar: Boutique lounge bar,located on Knez Mihajlova. Warmly, cosy and a great service. Try the food is DELICIOUS. 

For Shopping beside Knez Mihajlova , check the two shopping malls Usce and Delta City.

For a nightlife, visit Skadarlija street where you can find old serbian kafana’s , with a tradition more than a 150 yrs and a street musicians. Then , head to river discos known as “SplavS”. I warmly recommend “River” and “Freestyler” .

Well, enjoy your stay folks! 

A bohemian walk

Autumn is here and that means it’s time to take out your boots and warm clothes.

Over the knee boots are my kinda thing, cuz you can combine them with everyting from A-Z , and you will still look chic, basic and well dressed. 

I love my new fringe over the knee caramel boots, cuz since I’m flying soon to warmer places like Bermuda and Bahamas, I have like literally few weeks to wear them.

Today I chose the leather leggings, white shirt and a tuxedo. Keep it simple, right? 

Welcome Autumn, I’m ready for ya 🍂🍁 

È vero! 

È vero ! Like the Italians would say…

That from the morning you would recognize your day! 

Everyday should start with a great cup of coffee and that should be an International Law. And why not a free morning coffee for all of us :)) ! 

Lavazza is a great leading brand in the coffee industry. A great warm coffee could make your day better, wake up your hidden ideas and make you productive like nobody else.

Machiatto is a must and is a favorite coffee of mine. 

Freddo Cappucino is a great Summer choice before you order that Mojito :)) 

Espresso is short and sweet .

P.S If you land to Fiumicino Airport , Rome … make sure you notice the passion  for coffee of the Italians before they catch their plane. I simply love it! 

So, enjoy in your coffee, no matter where you are beautiful people! 

Viva basic ! 

Basic, basic …Never enough from you , but I don’t mind ! 

A tuxedo dress was a smashing hit recently… From Balmain to Kim Kardashian, that office chic look will never get out of style! 

I like the simplicity in fashion. You can mix and match with no regrets and yes, challenges are more than welcomed. 

I chose to mix and match my MNG  dress from suite collection with my Adidas Originals , big Nike bag and a big smile ! 

It’s simple and a great option for a daily schedule around the town! 

Keep it simple ladies and don’t forget the smile! 

Dress by MNG from Suit Collection

Shoes by Adidas Originals,

Bag by Nike

Watch by ALDO

Pasta … a medicine for the soul!

When you think of Italy, you think of: 

  • Pasta
  • Vero Moda
  • Fashion Week
  • Gelato
  • Hot Italians 
  • And pizzaaaaaaaaaa

Well, it doesn’t matter which is the first thing that reminds you on Bella Italia as long as it warms your heart ! 

Cooking is a great pleasure of mine. I love to cook for friends and family. And to be honest, I barely follow recipes … I just love to experiment with my ingredients from the fridge ! 

I love pasta! Well, who doesn’t ! But Bolognese are my kinda flave! 

It’s simple and tasty! 

To add more love to your pasta, play some Italian music as a backround playlist… It will relax and make you happy! 

Ti ammo Italia ! ❤️🇮🇹 

Sunday. Date yourself.

It’s Sunday and you’re still in your favorite place on Earth … BED! 

And it’s alright, take that extra time for yourself , strech, snooze, lay, jump on the bed do whatever you like. You deserve it cuz you had a rainbow week with ups and downs. 

Since it’s Sunday, start with a healthy meal and any kind of smoothie that your sense of taste likes it. 

Open the book, magazine that inspire your spirit, bring smile on your face or it just makes you feel good.

Organize your day, workout a bit, think about the upcoming week and how to take the best of it! 

P.S The best way to cheer up yourself is to play that TIMELESS 90’s music playlist! For sure it will remind you on some great teenage/childhood days of yours.

Have a great Sunday baes! 



Over. A Game Over.

How many times have you walked away from the person you don’t even recognize anymore? Yes, I’m speaking for yourself… Your own reflection in the mirror .

Ladies, keep that soul and heart wisely. This is a rough world, and some boys don’t treat the way they should be treating.

When it’s done, leave it. Pack your emotions , tears and smiles, excuses and explainations , stressful words and cutting knifes. It doesn’t worth the fight and the time.

A toxic person in a relationship or lovership will always spread the toxic around. And you, by being his faithful puppy , by playing in that playground will eat and let it destroy you. 

It takes time to heal, but also a great time to leave that past behind. You really have to get sick and tired of your miserable mood and his bad behaviour.

Remember, a person who respects you won’t make you cry. 

A person who loves to see you cry, make him the favor of leaving and no returning at any point.

It’s over for you, but I love my fresh start getting back in my own skin again.