“R” stand for Revlon and a hair REVOLUTION …

The hair is the mirror of one girl. No matter which hair color, style you choose, just remember that you look beautiful in any way. But, since it’s Summer and that Sea has been playing with our hair, and the Sun is our hair Summer color specialist, it’s time to pay atention for our lovely head accesorize a.k.a the hair. 

I’m a person who loves to do lots of experiements with the hair style and color, but at the end most of the time I ended up with a damaged hair. 

So, one of my hair specialists Rose and Mika suggested me the following masks that will hydrate as much as possible my hair. And it works!!! 

The Revlon products are one of a kind when it comes to hair care. 

The “Unique One” mask for hair has a 10 hair benefits to make that hair look flawless … from deep hair damage, intense nourishment to sensational defrizz and detangling. Try it and let me k know about it.

The “Hydra Rescue Treatment” is all that you need for a dry hair. Water, water and water! The HYDRA CAPTURE system will moisturize the hair at its core and it will reinforce its structure against agressions,preventing breakage! 

And as the last S.O.S product, I warmly recommend the natural nut oil or coconut oil which will add a great finish for the following wanted dry hair style.

Keep that hair and smile always in style ladies !




My mornin’ must do…

Mornings are always lazy and cosy , and most of the times we don’t wanna get out of those warm sheets. Why not cuddling all day or just scroling down through out fave social media? 🙂 

But, a new day has come and we have to embrace it! For my morning routine I use these following products, that keep that basic city make up all day long, smell o-so fresh and just having a lovely day in general. 

As a Foundation I warmly reccomend “Estee Lauder Double Wear” . You will love the results, and your skin reflection in the mirror.

Bare Minerals products (Eye shadows, mascara and a blush) … It will give you that daily city glam and it will keep you basic and chic.

Body butter by VS “Sweet Escape” – gonna take you to those secret city places. Soft, gentle and a memorable scent. 

Gucci Guilty body lotion is also a great idea! 

Draw those Kitty Kat Eyes with the Golden Rose eyeliner matte! 

Lipstick liner by Flormar. For a cute kisses during the day! 

Bronzer by Debby Milano in case you didn’t get kissed by the Sun, which I know you did. 

And at the end of the day, my face cleaning routine ends up with Clinique Products and Estee Lauder Mask. 

So, let’s run this town! 

Xoxo Nina

Basic instinct vibe

Instinct is a thing that you must follow. Inner or not, just follow. It will lead you at the right spot and time. No exceptions.  

When it comes to fashion, simplicity is my kinda thing . For the people that follow me , or they have read some of my blogs , they certainly know that CK vibe is my fashion philosophy , although I wanna experiment with other styles, from chic to old school, street fashion and all kinds of them. 

Also I warmly recommend the old timer Gucci Rush Perfume if you want to feel good in your skin. 

For a rainy Monday, and a coffee time I chose my basic instinct vibe that goes like this: 

Blazzer by Armani Exchange

Shoes by Calvin Klein

Denim by MNG 

Shirt by MNG

Shades by Ray Ban 

Perfume by Gucci.

And, a Monday ain’t gonna be Monday if there is no Freddo Cappucino on the table :). 

Have a lovely start of the week everyone! 



My Denim Tuesday ! 

Hello World, hello Denim! 

Wearing denim will always make you feel simple, sexy and always in style! 

A simple white shirt, and a Pocahontas shoes will always cheer up your sense of style.

For all those Vespa Piaggio lovers out there, you know the magic when we are cruising around the town, we never get out of style , right? 

Have a great Tuesday everyone, drink your coffee and don’t be late at work :)) 



Watch by ALDO

Bag by Parfois 

Shirt by GAP 

Sunglasses by Rayban 

Off the wall, but not by Michael Jackson 

In the world of bloggers, fashionistas, style setters, photography lovers and to all of us who love art indeed, a wall with funky graffiti is an inspirational background for a good image. 
From the various live colors, to those creative lines of letters,symbols and creations, I always get inspired and amazed of the talent of one human’s hand. 

It doesn’t matter if you draw tree, flowers or just simply writing a beautiful message to the World, as long as you are creating art from your heart, that’s what matters the most . 
What’s your favorite background pals?  


Shirt by Nike

Shoes by Adidas Originas

Leggy pants by Forever 21

Bag by MK