When there is no love…. There are balloons!

Balloons are always fun to watch, play with or even to be in their surrounding. If you want my definition of freedom, it’s simple: A BALLOON!
You can be any kind of color and shape you want, and still to be free.

That feeling, when you are able to do what you want in any way of life , from how and who to love, to do things that are just making you happy, have the right of choice of with whom you’ll spend your day with, and also not to be a part of mind manipulation, is also a good definition of “FREEDOM”. Continue reading


Just sit and laugh .

Sit and laugh girl, the Sun is out again today!
Take your favorite Jacobs to go coffee,and hit the road Jack. Put your favorite denim on, add your basic, and accessorize all that outfit with one big smile. While you pass those streets that have no name, plug n’ play your favorite music vibes and beats, and don’t let any drowned ship to stop you to raise your sail up high again. Continue reading

Sorry for the bad service Sir… But I QUIT !

It’s kinda weird how some one strange feeling can make you to forget about yourself in few days, while you builded your world for 25 years.

We all watched Sex and the City we all know what is it about. Some of you admired the show because of the fashion sense of four young independent girls, while others admired by many other reasons.

I loved the way how Carrie made from a broken heart letters into a million dollars pay check! If I write about my experiences, believe me… Continue reading