За осаменоста на нашата генерација, што беше тоа ТВОЕ ЈАС, што беше тоа ТИ, и дали веќе постои можноста : ЈАС И ТИ?

Луташ низ градот, и покрај урбаниот хаос, често додека си го пиеш коктелот, низ призмата на чашата си ги гледаш најблиските околу тебе како ти се дават во ,, осамената рака” , а сите сме среќни и весели на секунда од селфито, или оковечениот момент. Ама секунда е и ништо повеќе.

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Wherever you are… Just don’t forget to smile ! Kill the energy waste vampires with your Sunrays!

Living in a stressful society in these days it’s easy to erase the smile from our young , black , yellow or white face. As a person who had many doubts about the life as every young person in these days have, from my all ups and downs, from great loves to broken friendships, at the very end I just realized one thing,and I hope it’s not still late… To smile.

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The Adams Family long dress with a sparkle of a Greek goddess!

Weddings are usually a difficult subject, especially when it comes to : how to be dressed if some of your best friends is getting married? I’ve searched for the right dress through Croatia, Bosnia and Serbia while I was on my Summer holidays , but at the end… Continue reading

The fashion OWLS of Greece !

Two friends can make a good friendship, but a good friendship with a same vision and passion for creativity …well, it can make a fashion miracle. In the previous posts , when I was writing about the Greece I did mentioned the unique style of the Greeks, and how they are the kings of the “mix and match” . Well, if there was a visual presentation needed , I think i found the proper one. Continue reading

While waiting for your Top Gun, make sure you are dressed well!

We all watched the movie “Top Gun” , and for sure once in our life we wanted to stand on the wing of the aeroplane and sing : Watching every motion In this foolish lover’s game
Haunted by the notion Somewhere there’s a love in flames… My love… Takeeeee my breaaath awaaay! like Berlin in the soundtrack “Take my breath away”. Don’t know bout u guys, but I’m pretty fascinated by the all aeronautical technology and equipment , that even u can see that reflected in my style too ( pilot eyewear, leather jackets , combining uniforms with basic and edgy etc.)

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