If your world crushes down… Don’t worry, hit the gym and build it again!

Situations, hesitations, love discussions, betrayed friendships, bad hair day or just simply not in the mood… What are you waiting for still? You need that army discipline to teach you that life is too short for loosing nerves on something that not even worth a penny.

Learn your lesson that you must love the person staring in the mirror…

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Who cares about diamonds when you have other precious stones… Let’s say… YOU!

Diamonds this, and diamonds that… Diamonds are girl best friends, diamonds make you happy… From all those diamonds, to be honest… The ones that I’ve really have seen are the following:

* few diamond friends
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Into this urban jungle… Don’t let the fashion lions eat you! Make a roar with your walk n’ style!

There is something very powerful when it comes to wearing prints. If you know how to combine it on the right way, you’ll look classy and far away from cliché! To be honest, I don’t wear prints often, but when you live into an urban jungle, sometimes you have to make a ROAR with your style.

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