Who is Nina?

A traveler, who is passionately in love with the fashion industry. Traveling around, kinda updated my persona. You see, fashion doesn’t always mean to by expensive stuff. I love it ,when for good price ,u can mix and match it good. Before you go to a store, check out your closet, or your brother’s ,mama or papa’s closet , I’m sure there are various of funky clothes that need their 5 minutes fame :). It’s not about what you wear it, but HOW. The world of fashion, is the world of creativity. You just need some imagination baby!


I mentioned traveling… And I travel a lot. It makes me as a brand new person each time when I’m on a plane, bus , boat or a train and when I hit that new destination. From London to Toronto,  from Europe to North America, such a great experiences I gained that is quite a small amount of a time if I sit and re-tell you all of my impressions, tastes of a great kitchen that I ‘ve tried, and seas that that i dipped in.

If I would love to describe you my life journey with one song that would be, the song that changed my vision of traveling , introduced me with the ecstasy of seein’ so many landscapes, kisses on Sunrise… and the ability to color of the wind- as Pocahontas would ask: Can you paint with all of the colors of the wind? I did.

It’s the song ,,Pure Shores” by the soundtrack of  the movie ,, The Beach”.

And this is my line :

Many faces I have seen
Many places I have been
Walked the deserts, swam the shores
Many faces I have know
Many way in which I’ve grown
Moving closer on my own
Coming closer to you.

My collage is made up of such a great friendships around the globe, shared smiles under the Sun, walking barefoot on the soft Greek sand, and moments that do make this life one of a kind.

I never attended a famous European FW,  but I’ll tell you my point of view…

You wanna see the Haute-Couture , the underground tres chic , the city’s glam and the rocking fashion styles from a variety beautiful people, who feel the fashion, have the passion and they wear it with smile? And in the meantime to have all the time the first row?

Go to some European great city , and buy a ticket for  the Underground sub ! You will understand me then what I ‘m trying to say.

Paris is the warm recommendation .  A real fashion show and the best mix of culture, styles and smiles , and one fashion nation… and all of them headin’ to Saint Michel.

When it comes to my favorite designers and the ones who are reflecting on my personal style are Balmain, Marc Jacobs, Versace , Armani .

I feel the most comfortable while I walk with sweet style vengeance … Cuz  I’m a grown woman…I can do whatever I want… OUU!
I love Balmain, Jacobs also, and of course the rest of the crew. This blog is just my point of view of the type of fashion I like.
Don’t be afraid to express yourself. Through words, notes, chords or clothes…EXPRESS YOURSELF.

Lots of smiles,


















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