It doesn’t matter if you wear high heels, you can still pin your sports vibes into your style.

Fashion is a never ending colorful collage of styles. You can mix and match how much you want. And if you feel comfortable , then that’s the right piece of clothing for you. 

Music has a big influence into my style. Because I am a big lover of the old 90’s, a faithful fan of the soul and the legendary  The Fugees, sometimes I have an attitude like the Destiny’s Child, but deep down in my heart, I am still looking for my childhood like Michael Jackson. 

Since a little kid, those sporty jackets were very chic to me. Basic, cool… A real dude fashion. And because the old 90’s fashion is coming back , but not the old good days too, if you combine them with a little Rihanna’s high heels, you’ll get the edgy, elegant and sexy sport vibe style! 

I was never a cheerleader, but since always I was cheering up for a unique urban, street style. 

For a great mood, this is my song of the day—- > Michael Jackson

I am wearing :

Faux leggings by H&M

Top by Bershka

Shoes – private label

Coat by New Yorker


One black dress, and over knee boots, are a perfect match for a black and white photography. 

Black and white photography is an eternal art for my taste. If you ask me which one will I choose between the colorful and black and white… I would always say the black and white one. Why? 

Through this kind of photography, ages do not exist. Emotions are always sincere, and the face expressions are exact. These kind of photography are very dear to me. Like the time stopped, like we are forever young. 

Aren’t we?

The best way to have a great expression of a black and white photography is to combine it with a basic things. Simplicity. 

Black dress and over knees boots are a must. To be honest , got inspired by the video of Holly Valance b- Naughty girl. It was my kind of fascination since teenage age. So simple, but so sexy and seductive.

In case you don’t remember the song, here is the link —–> Holly Valance

When a life change is around the corner, reply to life with a shot of you! 

Have a great Saturday everyone! 

Beauty Obsessed  by A.R – a daily dose of a fine fashion…

It’s great when your morning will start with your favorite coffee, smile of your dear children , a good talk with your husband/ wife, and some quality talk with your best friend over the phone.

But, instead of reading the boring  news, sometimes it’s great to  relax your mind with a daily dose of a good colors, creative mix of fine clothing and shoes, and all above dedicated to you with a great message. If you vote for this kind of a mornings and days… Then Beauty by A.R is the right site for you. 

Created with passion, updating with an ambition and love for fashion, this young lady A.R is a real fashionista who has a great taste of fashion and it’s styles. Beauty by A.R is a Facebook fan page who is strongly dedicated to the fine fashion, life values and the little things that life makes much more better. 

Her page is one of my favorite lately.  With over a 2000 followers, I have no doubts that her page will make your day brighter, happier and will relax your mind for a while, while you are escaping from the daily urban jungle. 

So what are you waiting for? Make your favorite coffee and relax your mind.

Enter this great page, if you are a real fashion lover like I am, I’m giving you my pass and enjoy. 

Here is the link: 

Beauty Obsessed by A.R


It was my birthday, and we had a blast …For three days!

We all are very impatient  when it comes to counting your days until it’s your birthday! You can’t wait for all of those greetings to arrive, kind words to be heard, wishes to come true, and to throw a party for your close party animals! 

This day, you have to be grateful cuz you already saw and you are still living the dream called “LIFE”. Say thank you to your mother and the rest of your family for giving you the chance to be the person you are, and because you became a grown woman! 26…. You better be a breathtaking! 

If my last birthday was not so kinda fun although I was in Thessaloniki, Greece, this time , karma has come back with a style! 

First of all my bff Marija throw me a surprise b-day party early in the Saturday evening, and then after 00:00h   my favorite crew surprised me on my door with a b-day cake and candles! And we took a great shot in the elevator! :)) 

What melted my heart, was this little girl from next door who gave a chocolate as a gift for my b-day with a dedication that she will miss me when I’ll move in USA. SHE IS ADORABLE! And as a return, I gave all of my ballons to her! 

For the offical party I decided to wear a blue dress by Stradivarious and a metallic stilettos! All that, combined with straight hair and smokey eyes! 

Then the official party was at my crib in the very early Monday!  We had so much fun, danced like nobody is watching, and laughed  a lot cuz we deserved that kind of a smile! Happy, careless and neverending smile! The cake was amazing just as the presents! Got so many flowers! 

Love the people around me! 

Marija, thank you for everything!