Warm my heart Lauren !

Warm my heart Lauren with your mountain sweater , embrace my heart with your city vibe and let me walk those streets in the officer’s style with my boots on.

Leather jackets are for brave hearts and colorful minds.

Autumn, you are my mix of sweet and sour.


Sweater by Ralph Lauren

Jeans by H&M

Shoes by Lusido shoes

Jacket by Mango


Flowers and smiles

The “flower” print is always reminding us on something romantic, sweet and of course on those Dolce and Gabbanna floral dresses.

Weddings can be tiring, especially what to wear. Cuz the choice is enormous and the styles are coming from all around the World, the Turkish clothing brand “Kikiriki” has a great dresses when it comes to evening or simply a cocktail one !

Affordable prices, great styles and high quality ! What do you need more? At the end it doesn’t matter how much it costs, as long as you know how to represent the dress. Keep it simple and sophisticated !

P.S And the Carmen beauty and simplicity is timeless .

Wearing “Kikiriki” dress .