Meet DeskStation@CreativeHub !

Writing has always been my passion, and usually I need a quiet space to work on my magic 🙂 .

Creative minds always do a great things together !

I’m more than proud to tell you that me and my cool girls connected together to create a wonderful co-working spot , in a hub style by the prototype of Google’s Campus in Madrid.

With an open mind vision, experience from all around the Globe, fresh ideas and the appetite to offer something new rather than ordinary , DeskStation@CreativeHub has been founded this August.

Three Cosmic girls , with a friendship long time ago, agreed to be a great team and to bring something new on the market.

Located in the heart of Skopje, Macedonia

if you need a getaway business spot, quiet place on your own, or if you need a meeting and conference fully equipped place, deskStation@Creativehub is your option.

Our team is ready to host all of your events including team building meetings too.

Warm coffee, big smile and a comfy zone.

Rent. Create. Make it happen. Seal the deal!

FB: @Creativehub , @deskStation

Insta: @deskstation

Can you paint with all the colors of the wind?

Mykonos is the perfect spot to feel the wind in your hair , while you are watching the one of a kind Greek Sunset.
No matter where you turn to, you will always have your perfect picture from any angle.

I simply adore the colors of the Greek sky and everything that wind will bring and usually it's the pure sense of the Mediterranean… lavender , olives, sea and the nature surrounded .

Visit Mykonos, to paint with the colors of the wind ! 🍁🍃🎋

Nous sommes Nina et Ana. Nous adorons la mode, et un bon café ! 

Fashion all around , from A-Z, from head to toes… once you live in Europe, and you know you’re breathing fashion oxygen , you certainly have a duty to look and dress nice. And warm! Cuz Autumn is around the corner.

What I like about Autumn look, is combining Earth colors from brown to yellow , and you can finally wear your boots, ankle boots etc… And no matter what you choose, you will look adorable even in your scarf or poncho early in the morning, heading to take your coffee to go. 

So, spent your time with the people you love, cuz family is always here to melt and warm your heart. Just like Olaf 🙂 ! 

Wishing you a great, sunny, warm Autumn day ! 


Pasta … a medicine for the soul!

When you think of Italy, you think of: 

  • Pasta
  • Vero Moda
  • Fashion Week
  • Gelato
  • Hot Italians 
  • And pizzaaaaaaaaaa

Well, it doesn’t matter which is the first thing that reminds you on Bella Italia as long as it warms your heart ! 

Cooking is a great pleasure of mine. I love to cook for friends and family. And to be honest, I barely follow recipes … I just love to experiment with my ingredients from the fridge ! 

I love pasta! Well, who doesn’t ! But Bolognese are my kinda flave! 

It’s simple and tasty! 

To add more love to your pasta, play some Italian music as a backround playlist… It will relax and make you happy! 

Ti ammo Italia ! ❤️🇮🇹 

Coffee in LA always starts with Starbucks …

Wake up world!!! Time for some coffee! Grab your sneakers, put your leggings on or dress however you feel, and it’s time for coffe! Coffee to wake up your senses, to chase away that sunday morning and saturday hangover, coffee to make you smile, coffee to start your day… 

Run to the nearest Starbucks and enjoy in every single sense of the nice blend of coffee… 

My favorite one is Latte Machiato .. What about yours? 

For the sunny mornings and sleepy faces, CHEERS WITH YOUR COFFEE! 

Simply Cali…

No matter where you are in California, LA, the city will get you addicted since the first second. You didn’t believe in love at first sight? Visit Los Angeles and test your love skills. From graffiti lovers, to old school skateboarders, celebrities and dreams that do come true, fit young and old people who take care of themselves and just simply love to stay in shape. 

LA you have my heart, and you don’t need to give me back. ❤️

It’s a sunny day out there, catch the sun rays folks, get some coffee and breathe with full lungs, this day ain’t gonna be tommorow . 


Cheers for the mornings like these! 

Spring in Mexico is similar like a early summer in Greece. Feelin’ kinda blessed to have this opportunities to visit and see places like Puerto Vallarta.

Mexico is a story for itself. You know how they say : ” You have to see it, to belive it” !

If you are on your way for a vacation, and your destination is Mexico, come to Puerto Vallarta and live these landscapes!

And if you’re thinking about a hotel, there r dozens of them… So far my favorite is the Mariott International. 

High level of service, breathtaking views and a comfortable zone and tasty food. 

Buen dia de Mexico!

Maybe you loved the Snowhite, but bae we are far away from a fairytale!

I loved Barbie and Ken , and probably you were amazed by the great fights of the Turtles, but hey … Let’s be honest… In each fight of each other nobody won, and did you take your love and moments back? Cuz I didn’t…

I left everything upstairs, to remind you on “the old great times”, took one shirt of yours to smell once again the “sweet begining” of October, cuz we are not that kind of a story of “Sweet November” either. Continue reading

When there is no love…. There are balloons!

Balloons are always fun to watch, play with or even to be in their surrounding. If you want my definition of freedom, it’s simple: A BALLOON!
You can be any kind of color and shape you want, and still to be free.

That feeling, when you are able to do what you want in any way of life , from how and who to love, to do things that are just making you happy, have the right of choice of with whom you’ll spend your day with, and also not to be a part of mind manipulation, is also a good definition of “FREEDOM”. Continue reading