Where the Sun follows

I’ve chased the Sunsets to get that last Sun Ray, I’ve walked over the oceans to find the self-reflection in their depths, I felt the heaviness of the soul stones just to sense the bitter taste of the alleviation. But no matter the wrong roads and directions, you’ll never be wrong if you just go where the Sun follows.




Contrasts of Autumn

Contrasts of the Autumn

Autumn is bringing that golden spectar of leaves and warn Sun, red colors among the brown palette of nature.

Winter is almost here, but we are still not ready to play the role of Elsa.

Walls of art are my favorite as a perfect backround for a shot. It will always apply to your outfit elegant or casual.

Street artists are the true inspiration of creativity.

Wearing Adidas and a basic denim jacket and a simple casual outfit are always reminding me that no matter how many pairs of high heels  and dresses I have , I will always be Nina, a simple girl from the block.

Get inspired !

Movies are such a good inspiration when it comes to style. They will take you to places, one day you’ll hang out with Audrey Hepburn in Rome, the next one you are in a sunny French village with Olivier Martinez driving along the south French coast, and then the very next day you are stuck in NY or LA on some rooftop bar hanging out with Sarah Jessica Parker , talking about love and fashion, while Kim Cattrall is booking your next posh spot to be seen at, while Cynthia and Kristin are waiting for you with a cup of warm coffee and wisdom words !

This outfit is inspired by the style of Carrie Bradshaw, remindig me how beautiful we (women) are , and that we should and we are a blooming flower no matter the season.

Dress and smile, laugh with your girlfriends, send the bad vibes away, let the good time come, and welcome the Sun.

Warm my heart Lauren !

Warm my heart Lauren with your mountain sweater , embrace my heart with your city vibe and let me walk those streets in the officer’s style with my boots on.

Leather jackets are for brave hearts and colorful minds.

Autumn, you are my mix of sweet and sour.


Sweater by Ralph Lauren

Jeans by H&M

Shoes by Lusido shoes

Jacket by Mango

Where are you from? From another day in paradise

Emotions , you can’t stop them… Photos running around in your head , no you can’t delete them, memories… it’s a sin if you rely on them, cuz some of them hurt, some of them cherrish your heart. 

When we’ll know is it the right time to give up or to stand up for? Should I walk away from the troubles of my life, to find a better day ? Or should I fight between these frozen mirrors ? 

Sometimes, maybe it’s better to be quiet for a while, let the pain go away and like the old good quote : “Fake it till you make it” . 

Sunday. Date yourself.

It’s Sunday and you’re still in your favorite place on Earth … BED! 

And it’s alright, take that extra time for yourself , strech, snooze, lay, jump on the bed do whatever you like. You deserve it cuz you had a rainbow week with ups and downs. 

Since it’s Sunday, start with a healthy meal and any kind of smoothie that your sense of taste likes it. 

Open the book, magazine that inspire your spirit, bring smile on your face or it just makes you feel good.

Organize your day, workout a bit, think about the upcoming week and how to take the best of it! 

P.S The best way to cheer up yourself is to play that TIMELESS 90’s music playlist! For sure it will remind you on some great teenage/childhood days of yours.

Have a great Sunday baes! 



Over. A Game Over.

How many times have you walked away from the person you don’t even recognize anymore? Yes, I’m speaking for yourself… Your own reflection in the mirror .

Ladies, keep that soul and heart wisely. This is a rough world, and some boys don’t treat the way they should be treating.

When it’s done, leave it. Pack your emotions , tears and smiles, excuses and explainations , stressful words and cutting knifes. It doesn’t worth the fight and the time.

A toxic person in a relationship or lovership will always spread the toxic around. And you, by being his faithful puppy , by playing in that playground will eat and let it destroy you. 

It takes time to heal, but also a great time to leave that past behind. You really have to get sick and tired of your miserable mood and his bad behaviour.

Remember, a person who respects you won’t make you cry. 

A person who loves to see you cry, make him the favor of leaving and no returning at any point.

It’s over for you, but I love my fresh start getting back in my own skin again.

My Dubai in the middle of Cabo… Where the sand can mix with my soul

Cabo , Cabo , Cabo… 

It will offer you adventure one of a kind… From going to the ‘Lover’s beach’only access by boat, dive with puffer fishes and sea lions, sky dive , swim with dolphins …. 

This time I chose to ride a camel by the sea . One of a kind experience in every sence. 

Feelin’ the sea breeze of the Pacific , looking only at the blue horizon in front of me…

This is where I wanna be, where the sand can mix with my soul, to paint with the colors of the wind, to catch my breath while I take a deep dive underwater while I’m feelin’ free , bare foot and myself. 

Travel, it will undress you and dress you in all of the national flags and local fashion styles. Don’t be afraid of where can your two feet leed you, barefoot or with heels in the hands, leave a stamp on the sand of time. 

Write your own history and memory,don’t get used to reading of the history of others and don’t repeat in yourself: This could be me…. 

It is you. You are every single piece of stone in the ocean and sea, small rock in the endless sand, drop of water from cactus.