City lover!

You might be my city lover, but these streets know your name. They are seduced by the speed of your moving and somehow I can still hear the sound from a mile away.

The heights of the buildings are the measure of our ego and love, the roads are our calm vibe that always gets interrupted by the power of passion.

And no matter with who you are rolling around, remember that I’ll always be your favorite co-driver that you hate the most, but in the same time you know I love the way that you lie and drive.



The bags of MONA!

The bags of MONA, the Serbian leading fashion brand, are one of a kind, and I can classify them with the same quality and various chic styles with FURLA- the Italian brand.

What I like at MONA’S bags is that every year they are improving their collections, making a bag history on the Balkan and World Wide. Having a MONA bag, for me is a medal for elegance and sophistication, only true ladies who admire a good bag will choose MONA and add them to their bag collection.

Their design is so colorful but still simple and elegant, that you can combine them in many ways.  The quality is 100% approved, and trust me, once you own a MONA bag, you will want to own some more.


Don’t try to change woman’s opinion when it comes to a bag, she will always find the good reasons why she should own that certain bag, and trust me she will wear like it’s her last day, and once you hear her second reason, you’ll be out of the store, and the next thing that you know is that you will compliment her bag. 🙂

MONA’S web site

Hair details!

Hair details and accessories are more than welcome for any occasion. Clips, fancy ribbons whatever you choose it will still look perfect on your hair.

I love the old fashion silk ribbons where you can tie your hair with. It reminds me of the old good movie days of the Dorothy from the Wizzard of Oz , the legendary 50’s and 60’s hairstyle and of pure simplicity.

No matter how you choose to combine it, it will still look perfect as a ballerina dance!

Mediterranean beauty with Avon!

What I like when it comes to AVON COSMETICS is that their price is really affordable and the quality is great!

Every woman should and could take care of herself without spending so much money at the beauty corners. From the few treatments that I’ve tried so far, the one that I really like is the Oxygen Facial Treatment. But, cuz it’s kinda a bit of expensive so  I found an alternative solution with great results.

The Planet Spa – Heavenly Hydration Face Mask by AVON is a great option if you wanna hydrate your facial skin without booking a ticket to the Mediterranean. It will take you only 20 minutes and your skin is refreshed and ready to breathe through the new day!

Don’t hesitate and try it, this is so far my favorite new product for 2018!

Stay Goddes!


My heart burns for the city vibes

My heart burns for the city vibes and I will always be the uptown girl with a cosmic heart! I love the sounds of busy streets and tall buildings, coffees to go and a traffic jam.

I love to have my coffee in the center of any city where it’s an urban chaos in which I really enjoy it. Big cities will always have my heart and I refuse to give up! Where the streets have no name will always be my address, and somewhere between a city and a sea, you will find my soul satisfied.

Which city is your favorite?

Uptown Girl by Westlife



This year I am chasing dreams!


Tons of happiness and love, great moments and a firework emotions with your soulmates!

Although 2017 was rough and pleasant at the same time, still it was a good year. Trips around the globe and lovely people that I’ve met, but somehow I am still happy to say goodbye to the old year, and to open my heart to the new one!

This year I am chasing dreams and only positive vibes, I am more than happy to say goodbye to everything that made my heart sad.

This year we will make a great impact on our lives and we will be the better version of ourselves.


Keep your dreams alive, limits high and head up!





Pink Elle Woods sweater and a smile…

Pink is one of my favorite colors. Call me a little girl, but when I am wearing this color, makes me simply happy.  It’s the color of happiness and love, the sweet emotions and the color that goes with everything. No matter how you combine it, it’s still sweet and sexy!

This is the Elle Woods color, so make sure you behave like her in certain situations, especially when it comes to being smart, and prove them wrong 🙂 .

This is my new favorite sweater and I simply adore it!

P.S and the boots? O boy, I could go at the end of the World with them cuz they are so comfortable!

What’s your favorite color?


Happy holidays!

Happy holidays WORLD!

One more year full of joy and few tears, but hey at least we have our presents under the Christmass Tree :)))

Every year is challenging, and we have grown up so much, that on every previous year we laugh and sometimes we do repeat the same lessons.

There is something magical when Christmass holidays are around the corner, the lights, wrapping presents, hot chocolate, ice skating, letters to Santa and many more things that make us happy. And of course, having your family together at one spot!

This year dear people, I’ll wish you healthy heart and mind, stay focused on your goals and dedicated to the friends that inspire you and make a better version of you. Keep your mind clean and don’t spend a second on negative people and negative thoughts.

Have your bucket list full and keep upgrading it until you are not fully satisfied. Forgive and let it go, keep your old emotions in the basement and make sure you clean it once and forever.

Decorate your home and say how much you love your family, cuz life is changing fast. Be grateful and cherish the day. Stay humble and keep the original version of yourself.


Happy holidays babes ❤




Walk away when they need you to stay

Every end has that ”new beginning” vibes, where we are ready once again to set our heart free and to wish nothing but the best for us!

It’s been a rollercoaster again, although knowing the feeling, it’s still unforgettable to take the ride and to throw my hands in the air, to scream from the bottom of my heart, cuz no matter the issues, I feel alive.

I feel alive with all my scars and disappointments, with the first aid kit – success, I am grateful for every experience, and no matter the dark hour, I’m still happy on my own.

I’ve walked away from the people who meant a world to me, and now they are perfect strangers, and I don’t regret because people come and go and we are getting used to moving on because life simply goes on…

No matter the pain and who caused it, stay who you are, trust your inner voice and human instincts, cuz they are pure signals of what’s black and white in any situation.

I’ve walked away because negativity is not welcomed anymore. At any point.





For the ice cracks in life, make sure you have a good pair of skates!

We all walk on thin ice in life, sometimes for the good, and sometimes for the bad habit. Ice will melt or eventually crack, but no matter if you know how to swim or skate, a crack won’t mean a fear, it will become a challenge.

While you are on the ice, make sure you dance graciously through the motion of pain and don’t forget that no matter the reason, the show must go on. Because of you and nobody else.

Let it go, just like Elsa in ”Frozen” did.