When Karma will be your guest, let me know!

Betrayals are not fun, or pleasant at any point, but the positive benefit of them is that they will clear your head once and for all. Betrayal will come in different shapes and from different destinations and don’t be surprised who is the head mind of it.

What I suggest is to keep your head up. Bite the dust, swallow the pain, eventually, it will pass.  Look forward to the upcoming days of the winning battle of ignorance. Explaining is the same way of saying sorry, so instead of doing that, just keep swimming as Nemo.

The sea is full of different sharks and other species, but not everybody can follow your tide. It’s the same with people. Ex-loves will remain broken pieces of hope and dreams, drained emotions, bitter waste of time. Toxic people can offer you nothing but only toxic, people who will use you can offer you nothing just to use you and throw you away.

Instead of planning revenge, let that shit go. You don’t need one more round of negativity or empty words. What you need is an inner peace and a clear state of mind. A smile and plans for the upcoming future.

Stay away from people with words like bullets and acts sharp as a knife. You don’t need wounds and scars. You need a healthy body and a soul. Who needs a bandaids when you can feel comfortable and sexy in your skin?

Karma will do the rest, it will knock on the IT door once you leave forever. It won’t ask questions, it will be the real slim shady as they were too. And somewhere between your happiness and joy, you will receive the information that the job is done. But, it won’t matter anymore, because you, my dear friend will wish nothing but the best.

Remember, a good heart is way more powerful than any evil in somebody’s mind.





Wrap my feet in Betsey Jonhson shoes !

Holidays are around the corner, so wrapping gifts too! I love the bright Christmas colors and the happiness in the air. I enjoy when I see people enjoying their Christmas spirit, buying presents for their family and decorating their homes in the various holiday shades. Red, gold, silver purple, green whatever you choose it will still represent a warm home filled with love and dear relatives.


Shoes will always be the Achilles spot for every woman. No exception. When you are in your early 20s you don’t admire the shoes that much, cuz at first you don’t get the whole shoe mania. Later, older and wiser you do understand the need for a great pair of shoes. And no matter which outfit you have one, a great pick of shoes will make a big impact and difference.

This holiday I will wish a pair of Betsey Jonhson shoes because they are always special, unique and they always have that signature walk while you wear them.

These pink shoes are the perfect present for the upcoming Spring. You can combine them with denim or skirt, and no matter what you choose to wear, they will still look cute and seductive at the same time. With these shoes, there are no rainy days, and I can only walk under the Sun.


What’s your Christmas wish?



Brown shade coat and a big smile along!

Hello December, and hello Winter too!

The season is officially open, long oversized coats combined with basic clothing are the best fashion style that you can wear so far during this cold weather.

The brown color is always a timeless color that will never fade away from the IT list on ” What to wear”.

Wearing this shade always reminds me of the bloggers around the world, their simplicity and keeping the casual vibe.

Long coats are easy to be combined. If you wear them with a pair of high heels you instantly feel like Beyonce from the video ”Ring the Alarm” walking as a strong woman, facing your downs with a smile and a red lipstick.

But, if you chose to wear them with basic sneakers, don’t worry it’s still fashionable and you look cute and remarkable.

Macedonian fashion industry has lots of good fabric industries that offer quality and great designs. One of them is the old-fashioned ”Teteks” which long time ago was a brand leader in Macedonia and also in Yugoslavia too.

”Teteks” is the definition that quality remains no matter which trends are coming along the way.

So, check out your local home brands and see what they have to offer. Sometimes, the place that seems hopeless is a source of a pure hope.

P.S Besides my Style of the Day, I prepared for you a few fashion suggestions on long coats.

Stay cool and sweet my dear readers.

Nina loves you!




Shape your body from home with Danielle Peazer !

Winter is here, and sometimes we get lazy too. The low temperatures are only for cozy pajamas and a warm cup of coffee or tea.
Heading to the gym during the Winter sometimes it takes a lot of time due to weather conditions.
So if you are wondering which fast and fun workout to do while at home, here is one suggestion from me.
Miss Danielle Peazer will guide you through a fun workout and guess what else? She will help you to tone your muscles while you are dancing like a hip-hop pro.
And trust me, it burns fat and you are getting sweaty fast. But, remember that every drop of sweat is just a mile closer to a great result.
Enjoy and dance like nobody is watching.

Dress like Italian

Italians are my fashion icons when it comes to style. Nobody wears Speedo on the beach better than them, and nobody mix and matches with styles like Italians. Yes, Italians do it better when it comes to style and fashion. Oh well, they are big romantic souls too.

It fascinates me watching them how they drink their Lavazza with such a passion and love towards the coffee. I could only imagine how it looks when they cook with a dedication and love.

There is no such place like Italy where fashion is written on the streets and the air has molecules of prints and style.

Even on the Fiumicino Airport you could see a fast runway landing and take off while you wait for your Lavazza and croissant with Nutella.

So, my inspiration for today is the Italian way of life. There is one Italian quote that I love and it’s saying : Mangia bene, ridi spesso, ama molto !

Have a great today people, and if you are in Italy have a gelato for me, please!




My Pink November Wishlist

Holidays are around the corner and we can already sense the excitement that comes along. Wrapping gifts, what to wear, glittery ideas, sparkling moments and snowy days and knitted scarfs.

The list of my wishes for my dear Santa might be long, but still keeping my limits neat J

No matter the season, pastel colors are my favorite crayons that I love to color with. From baby pink and nude cappuccino lips to the blushing cheeks and wavy hair. Lashes to impress and an outfit to keep you warm and in style.

And no matter which color you prefer, wearing any shade of pink, will wake up the little girl and the powerful lady in you.

Color your World, by the shade that makes you happy.

  1. MY Burberry Blush
  2. La Femme Cross Bag-Parfois
  3. Ken Cross Bag –Parfois
  4. Keaira shoes by Aldo
  5. Ryma Pink shoes by Aldo
  6. Estee Lauder Bronze Goddess Powder Bronzer
  7. Wallet and a document keeper by Parfois
  8. Ticket to Milan
  9. Rose Wine for the Holidays
  10. Calvin Klein Watch

Now, let me write a note to Santa!

P.S. Who is excited about the holidays?

Where the Sun follows

I’ve chased the Sunsets to get that last Sun Ray, I’ve walked over the oceans to find the self-reflection in their depths, I felt the heaviness of the soul stones just to sense the bitter taste of the alleviation. But no matter the wrong roads and directions, you’ll never be wrong if you just go where the Sun follows.



Coffee and Friends @ Broz Caffe

Coffee is the beginning of each day. It’s the warm drink that inspires us and gives us that power to ”survive” this day.

Coming in different flavors, I love to see the passion between the barista and his coffee, it’s art in motion, a boundary between the milk and the coffee.  It’s funny to see how one coffee can wake up all of your senses and calm you better than any pill.

If you visit Skopje, feel free to come at Broz Cafe, a warm and cozy place located on the Boulevard Partizanski Odredi near the Bakery Silbo.

If you need a spot for your co-working ideas, to chit-chat with your BFF, or simply to enjoy in the city vibe with a great view of the Vodno Mountain and the traffic jam, this is the place for you.

You can choose different flavors of coffee and the yummy snacks that they have to offer.

No matter what you’ll take, this is a great spot for freelancers, meetings, and bloggers who are always on the run.

Enjoy your coffee no matter where you are!



Soulmates ? Are we ?

Love is a defining power that makes us sometimes winners or losers. In both cases, we learn a lot.

Having a soulmate is a marvelous thing that can happen to you. You read each other minds without saying a word, you recognize that stranger in the middle of the crowd. It’s the energy, connects you both in the epicenter of your worlds.

You recognize a soulmate with your heart, by the force of his/her smile. In the arms of your soulmate, it feels like home and nowhere else.

Fears are a big part of our lives, we do trust them and sometimes they guide us on the wrong paths.

Are you brave enough to fight for what you love?

It’s all about that spark, that light up your whole world.

C’mon baby light my fire…

unnamed (2)

Turtle-necks and trench coats!

There is something so elegant and sophisticated when it comes to the turtlenecks style. It gives that mysterious and hidden elegance and beauty of one person. Wearing them it makes you feel serious and simple. Simplicity is my way of a fashion expression, and no matter the trends that are current or coming up, this is the base that I am always staying faithful.

Trench coats are good for the Autumn season, and besides keeping you cozy and warm, they always have that elegant signature wearing them.

No matter which style you choose, add some high heels boots to get that sophisticated ARMY city look.

Have a lovely Saturday!


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