That Emilio Pucci !

Besides my passion for Balmain and admiring all of his piece of art, Olivier Rousteing – u r the real deal baby, it would be a sin, not to mention the amazing Emilio Pucci. See, at these two designers what I like the most is the combination of a dress and a boots. It doesn’t matter if the Harlequin queen of Balmain went out for a party and a drink in that tight , sexy skirt with her a legs to die for, or the Pucci’s sexy , confident and not afraid of the society Amazon girl survivor ,went from the jungle to the urban jungle with her over knee boots, to melt that road! Hey you guys, Pucci and Olivier, u know how to attract the attention of a woman’s eye.

Every time I see the clothing line, I see that powerful woman , i feel that confidence, the heat is on! With boots from Pucci, and a dress from Balmain, o for sure we can run the world ,and our persuasion can build a nation!

Walk that way, with the beat of Aerosmith in the backround, put your boots on, and seduce them…with a style!








Kiss me…and die with my red mat lipstick on!

Been a while, here I am again.

When choosing a make up, especially a lipstick, I always stick to the nude colors, or those light brown shades, or as I want to say…the Eva Mendes way. Especially in the summer, I love when my skin is sun kissed ,and the only thing I put on is my Deborah nude color lipstick, and I feel it sexy.
I always try to avoid the red lip stick on, cuz I thought it is making me serious. Mistake ladies! Every shade of red color on your lipstick makes you more sexy, powerful and seductive . When u combine it with a pair of basic denim and shirt, and the stiletto high heels…well they can bite your dust. During my readings about colors, somewhere I saw, that when u feel sad and disapointed, putting something red on you,will bring your energy back. And it is true. I was disappointed today, and I had to release the Sasha Fierce today from myself. So i did it. And I feel better. Cuz once you can try to mess with my heart, but don’t you eva mess with my lipstick on it!

Ladies, don’t hesitate it, put your smile on it, red that lips, move those hips!


Wearing: basic black shirt
Red lipstick – any brand u want,as long as you have your original smile on it, don’t fake it.