Can you paint with all the colors of the wind?

Mykonos is the perfect spot to feel the wind in your hair , while you are watching the one of a kind Greek Sunset.
No matter where you turn to, you will always have your perfect picture from any angle.

I simply adore the colors of the Greek sky and everything that wind will bring and usually it's the pure sense of the Mediterranean… lavender , olives, sea and the nature surrounded .

Visit Mykonos, to paint with the colors of the wind ! 🍁🍃🎋

Hand made heaven in Mykonos

Hand made work is what I admire the most. The dedication, creation and the patience to make a certain design is something that is worth paying for. 
Boho style will never fade away, it will be popular especially when it comes to a beach wear , casual days and unique vibes. 
Walking in Mykonos around, I found this unique shop around the corner of Little Venice named “Sagar” where this young designer Bankovic Ivana created her hand made heaven. 
Here you’ll find a different kinds of clothes, accessorize, shoes and you’ll be amazed of the creativity of this young woman. 
She is warm, kind and has a great knowledge in fashion and style. 

If you visit Mykonos, “Sagar” handmade accessorize store is where you should go and you’ll love it! 


The hidden places in your town…

Taking pictures usually its followed by passion and a local inspiration . I enjoy in taking pictures around the World, on a hidden place that a current city has to offer. If you visit Skopje, beside the various places to be seen and visited, the one that separates is the Old Bazaar where two cultures and religions are mixed and respected. 

It’s a must place to be at it, and a lot of cultural happenings are scheduled during the whole year… From Fashion Weeks, Festivals, Promotions etc…

Don’t wait, discover and capture the moment in motion !  

This is so far my favorite hidden place in Skopje… so, which is yours? 
Picture taken at: Old Bazaar , Suli An
For more visit:

There is going to be a rain in your life, and you might have forgotten your umbrella… BUT! 

Rainy days, mixed emotions , endless shopping and a miles long conversations, to be or not to be, truth or dare… We’ve been in this situation , right? And it’s more than once ! 

It’s alright, it happens and it’s part of your life, sometimes we can’t fix and force things when the timing is wrong. 

Instead, let’s find beauties in small things. 

Coffee ! This Italian  Coffee Brend “ILLY” is remarkable! Beside the old and good “LAVAZZA” , this is also a TM on the Italian Coffee Market… And let’s break it down… Starbucks or Tim Hortons, local or Italian , coffee is calming chakra in our system. Don’t hesitate it, order one more! 

Summer is comming , and we need new scents. The new fragrance by Ferragamo “Signorina” is a must for the Summer. Fresh, seductive , warm and kind is my description for it. 

If you are from Skopje, Macedonia , visit Cosmo Tinex for a great beauty deals, if not , I am sure you can find this fragrance anywhere around the World. 

P.S There is always a good coffee to warm your soul and a new fragrance to spray new memories! 

Salvatore, mi piace il perfumo Signorina! 

Capture the moment ! 

Ah, moments… How many of them you simply wanted to freeze them, and let them live like that forever? 

What about your favorite photo from childhood, how many times you wanted to wake up your inner kid, to remind you to stay fearless and to keep dreaming? 

Every dress has it’s own story, and makes you feel differently… But, you decide which one are you gonna tell today … Either you are adorable lady or an urban Cosmic girl… 

My  dress story today is called BCBGMAXAZARIA … A world known  clothing brend for its finest style and taste. 

What’s your  dress story today? 

Friday , I’m feeling casual 

Frida -YAY! 

Everybody cheer for Friday, from Wall Street busy street to European streets… No matter where you are, where are you from, Friday on every language means the same: Weekend calling and afterwork parties! 

But, Friday means getting your tasks done, finishing your deadlines and ordering a cocktail or maybe two 🙂 .

This Friday, I’m feeling casual cuz somebody has to run around the town! 

P.S The ZARA biker leggings are must have and for me, they are TIMELESS! 

Combine them, wear them and you will still look fab and chic! 


Tuxedo by Armani XCHANGE 

Leggings by ZARA

Shoes by Adiddas 

Shirt by Shasa 

Bag by Nike

Bracelet by Furla 

Basic instinct vibe

Instinct is a thing that you must follow. Inner or not, just follow. It will lead you at the right spot and time. No exceptions.  

When it comes to fashion, simplicity is my kinda thing . For the people that follow me , or they have read some of my blogs , they certainly know that CK vibe is my fashion philosophy , although I wanna experiment with other styles, from chic to old school, street fashion and all kinds of them. 

Also I warmly recommend the old timer Gucci Rush Perfume if you want to feel good in your skin. 

For a rainy Monday, and a coffee time I chose my basic instinct vibe that goes like this: 

Blazzer by Armani Exchange

Shoes by Calvin Klein

Denim by MNG 

Shirt by MNG

Shades by Ray Ban 

Perfume by Gucci.

And, a Monday ain’t gonna be Monday if there is no Freddo Cappucino on the table :). 

Have a lovely start of the week everyone! 



El matador con el rojo bikini…

Summer always reminds us on all those pastel colors , sea shades of blue, mermaid care free days and love under the Sun and the Summer haze… 
This season, it’s time for Baywatch bikini to bring A sexy back… 

Remember Pamela and hot life guards on duty ? Well, Roxanne it’s time to save this summer fashion style victim with a piece of a red alert bikini. 
For me, red is the color of passion, strength and confidence, the dance of el matador and el toro en el tormenta de arena…  

Wear red to win the never ending war with your inner yourself, wear red cuz you are the Carmen of this city, to challenge the bull , to conquer the world.

Wearing Women’s Secret s/s 2016 


Pink mood… ON! 

California, California…. You are one endless story and a daily inspiration on every base.
It’s not even a wonder why this city is always wakening your dreams , whispering: ” They gonna become true” … 

I love every inch of Los Angeles… Even if I start I don’t know where I will end… or if I end… 

You see, Cali life is care free, dedicated to the hedonism, fashion and dreams. Here you can always find a spot under the Sun, you can visualize your star on the Hollywood walk of fame, you can feel like a VS ANGEL while you are shopping downtown… 

L.A you took my heart and I don’t want it back bae…  

Keepin’ it basic with Calvin Klein…

There is something seductive when you think about the color black. From the “Little black dress” quote that is a definiton for elegance, to the Black magic woman vibe by Santana… 

Black is always a great choice for any kind of mood you are into. Wearing black means mystery, attitude, hidden sexiness , never discovered goddess , one of a kind girl. 

Calvin Klein has always been a true inspiration and fascination to me. His sexy vibe, basic but still damn attractive.I love every single ad from CK , not to mention all of his masterpiece of work. Jeans, shoes, trench…. the list never ends.


Heels by CK

Bracelet by CK

Shirt by Forever 21

Pants private brand. 

 How do you feel wearing black? 

Cuz I feel like I should .