The white n’ denim project! The Calvin Klein inspiration .

Once, the big designer and also world respected Mr. Calvin Klein said:

I’ve never been interested in dressing people who are on the social list. I’ve always been interested in dressing what I call the modern American woman and women around the world who really are influenced by this modern American working woman. She’s active, she’s young, you know, she has a family, and all of that. She’s not necessarily on the social list.

CALVIN KLEIN, Larry King Live, Jun. 5, 2000

This is what makes Calvin Klein basic but classy in his field a.k.a fashion, and that’s what makes his clothing line and commercials so irresistible for every eye! You don’t need your haute couture to be caught in someone’s eye, you just have to know how to wear it,even if you have one basic white shirt on you.

You see, wearing a white T-shirt makes a woman to feel clean, sexy, basic , ordinary but chic, never out of style, and the white color also reminds me personally on urban, city jungle girl ,wearing her denim, and walking with dignity and confidence, with a two or three drops of her aura of sexiness.

Take one shirt, and the front face of the shirt cut it on a half circle. So your front now will become your back side. Wear your back of the shirt, as your front. Like on the picture. What is worn as unordinarry, that’s more fun.
And don’t forget your favorite jeans!

Happy denim Monday ! I💙 DENIM!

P.S. Be the best Levi’s denim version of yourself.



Who needs the famous “boyfriend jeans” when you can have your brother’s?

In the past season and even now, the famous “boyfriend jeans” has become so popular. Baggy, not so Kim Kardashian tight , but comfy, simple and basic. Well, cuz all of the fashionista’s lovers love to put new names on their new clothes or styles, well instead of “boyfriend jeans” I choose my brother’s jeans. Not because I wanted to be a special from the others, but just speaking the truth. And I’m single and fabulous so makes sense right? Instead of wasting money of those “wanted” jeans, check out your nearest closet, like your brother’s or cousin’s closet. And learn how to wear them like the dudes do. I love to DIP in Sinisa’s closet and I always find such a cool stuff. Like these jeans by ENERGIE for example. I feel sexy, unique , and yes …brave and beautiful as my brother 🙂 . My role model, and my best pal and dude. And I’m his lil’ sis who always steals some clothes from him.
As long is about the fashion, all victims and weapons are allowed. 🙂

Wearing: Denim by ENERGIE -man section
Shoes by H&M
Basic shirt by Zara
Trench coat by any company you want 🙂
Sunglasses by Marc Jacobs





Tell me a Sicilian love story…and let it end dolce… By Dolce and Gabbana

To create a new clothing line, must be a good motivation, love, inspiration, fascination, homesick desire behind it. The new SS 2014 by Dolce and Gabbana has been nothing but amazingly surprising and breathtaking line and an Italian love story, that only Domenico and Stefano can re-tell it with a clothes on a real art on it, with no words using it.

It seems to me, that above on the fashion show of D&G , Cesar , Alexander the Great and Penelope and Odysseus sat down on a big table ,drinking wine with Dionysus and talked about and celebrated how antique and never dying antique fashion they have left, and the D&G were only the “fashion messengers” to re-tell that story to the high fashion society and to the new modern world.

And i bet they were inspired by their oldest fashion muses … Their mothers and grandmothers… Cuz it’s in our DNA, to be brand new indigo of our home roots.











Volver a lo básico… con MANGO

The new collection by MANGO has been a great back to basics, but also a good taste of satisfaction for the MANGONISTAS. What I really admire when it comes to the whole new collection now and in the previous years is that MANGO always kept it simple, sexy as Diane Lane and Olivier Martinez in “Unfaithful” , for every taste and for every pocket. The Spanish “sensa della moda ” it’s not something new on the fashion market. Beside all those various colors and strong taste “como el toro de arena” , most of the Spanish fashionistas and designers, love to keep it simple, where any of us would feel comfy, sexy,seductive and básico toda la dia y noche!

What really makes me desirable to buy a bike and hit the road by some sea coast are the leather jackets by MANGO. Simple, classy, sexy , una nuveva chica en ciudad. Me gusta tanto esta collecion y lo que me falta…es un chico Latino y juntos podemos volver… Donde mar y el cielo son el límite.












Привет, как дила? Wear your Russian hat ,,Шубара” as a chic bag!

The Russian fashion scene has been always a great fairytale to be watched and to be a part of it. All those amazing live colors ,gold, black, red, brown, wine red , sleeping beauty white will remind you on how rich the Russian culture is, and how amazing and breathtaking are all those gowns , crowns, patterns, big coats and deep blue eyes on a white crystal face. Romanovi, Ekaterina the Great, Pushkin, Anastazija, Dostoevski, Tolstoj….Aren’t you just amazed by all these great names even when you pronounce it?

The Russian fashion reminds me on something old and valued. Something that will never fade away and every girl will feel like a Russian princess if she decides to wear something with a Russian motive on it!

Just look the Babushka in front of you! How colorful is she? Doesn’t she remind you on forever spring? I’m in love with Evgenij Onegin, and the great Moskva! I was inspired instead of a clutch to check out how it will look this hat as a KRASOTA bag! And it was a different story already!

In the following pictures, I am telling you my modern fashion version of Russia!

Coat with a Russian pattern that you can find also at your Grandmothers closet, check it cuz fashion is always coming back.

Shoes by H&M and Zara
Russian hat aslo know as a ,, Шубара”
Socks: over knee just to get that over knee boots look!

Enjoy the old famous Russian song , and imagine that you are dancing on the Red Square in Moskva!







The modern version of Pocahontas

The new collection “Missguided” by Nicole Scherzinger was a great start for her upcoming carreer as a designer. With colors of the wind, and keeping it simple but still pleasant for the eye and every taste, Nicole have just represented the new modern Pocahontas to the fashion scene. Edgy, sexy, colorful and tres chic… From leather pants and dress that do impress, I’m sure that on the next date
with John Smith, Pocahontas will turn many heads as she walks like she don’t care, smooth as silk , but cool as air! Great job doll!







Sometimes it’s better to walk away…with a style

Wearing your favorite clothes and shoes not just that makes you happy, but it’s also a part of your persona, your alter- ego! Life situations, bad love written pages or just a disappointment from the previous day…walk away and don’t look back!

In the hardest times and not such a sunny days…put your boots on it, and win that battle field of love!

Boots by Zara
Coat made as a dress by my Grandmother !


Who said that a simple medical uniform , u can’t transform into a killing white dress?

I know, sounds funny and probably most of u would be with a sarcastic smile on it, but fashion is not about to buy from the latest trends, it’s about to create, wear and to be remembered as a unique young girl. Living in a difficult times usually don’t afford us to have all the clothes that we want. But, that doesn’t mean that this should kill your imagination, creativity and a desire for being a well dressed young girl. And accessories such as belts and some coats such as faux fur or simple leather jacket, can just spice up the whole picture for the fashionista look. Don’t be afraid of opinions, first they laugh ,then they copy. At the end dare to wear it, and be your own fashion icon. Cuz we all are if we want it. And don’t try to understand it, fashion is art, not a math lesson.

Wearing: Medical uniform from any medical course you want ( mine is from surgical )
Coat: faux fur by Stradivarius
Created by : Nina Beader