Autumn! Warm chestnuts, hot Fuchsia lips, sweet red wine, and new skin… Put your fur on!

Autumn usually is considered as the season of the school beginning, that one of a kind smell of new notebooks, golden leaf on a wet road, foggy skies but sweet warm red wines, cinnamon and lovely hug, Earth colors and more windy days. For me, Autumn always reminds me of the first school bell, and we all want to be kids for once …if that is possible. Please be. Halloween and fashion weeks. Rains and trench coats. Umbrellas and warm chocolates.
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Sarajevo’s traditional bag can also be a great fashion item!

This summer I traveled around the whole Dalmatia, Croatia and on my way back to Macedonia, we stopped by Bosnia and Herzegovina (Mostar and Sarajevo) for visiting old family friends. It was my first time in this beautiful country, the country of kebab, baklava, lokum, the homeland of the Nobel Prizer Literature winner Ivo Andric for his legendary book “The Bridge on the Drina” , but also a country with a rich musical backround…

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Be a punk, but with a edgy girly style and a heart of a princess !

The punk fashion has always reminded me on few things: that wild hearts can’t be broken, a fascination of wearing the Union Jack in every way of style, on the famous song “God save the Queen” by Sex Pistols and on that glory fashion that England has to offer. From Posh to Punk , Victoria Beckham or Freddie Mercury , Burberry or Mccartney …. UK fashion has a big influence on my style.

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Whoever tries to drown you down, change the Sea, but not your mermaid vanes too!

This world that is wrapped around us, is full with people who will tell you how great you are in every sense of the word, won’t bring you down when you’ll want just to raise up and instead of cutting your wings…they will give you wings.
On the other hand, there is always a good and bad side of each story, movie or the real story of your life. Cowboys vs Indians, Black vs White, Dark and Light, Sun and Moon, Yesterday or Tomorrow , Yes or No, I will and I won’t, I can and I can’t.

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Urban solider into a modern society.

Society is changing, from morals to point of views, through new way of democracy and liberty. But, thank God we have fashion so we can express ourselves through personal style, without the need to be voted and elected. We simply wear what we want, and that’s the beauty of the fashion world. Continue reading

Forget your girly flowers, put your golden leaves on !

Growing up in every year more and more is making you wiser than before. You are seeing things that you haven’t seen before, cuz you just simply decided to buy a new shades of life… Not a pink one, but the ones with a crystal view. And you didn’t even ask for the price…Cuz clear mind and point is just priceless.

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Sorry, but I’m kid born in the 80’s, culture educated in the 90’s … Therefore, you are the New Generation, I’m old school ‘

If you are born in the 80’s , and raised in the 90’s then you are part of the old school generation: Beverly Hills taught us bout that California life, MJ showed us how to dance and embroided a timeless lyrics into his epic music.
Guns n’ roses showed us

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Wear your hot pink, with those chic faux leather leggings !

The color pink is always a color that will turn your look around and get points if somebody is wearing. It’s the same effect when some girl is wearing red. Now you know what I’m trying to say. It doesn’t matter if you are legally blonde or chocolate brown , pink was and it remained as “the favorite color” of the women’s population.
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