Warm my heart Lauren !

Warm my heart Lauren with your mountain sweater , embrace my heart with your city vibe and let me walk those streets in the officer’s style with my boots on.

Leather jackets are for brave hearts and colorful minds.

Autumn, you are my mix of sweet and sour.


Sweater by Ralph Lauren

Jeans by H&M

Shoes by Lusido shoes

Jacket by Mango


Can you paint with all the colors of the wind?

Mykonos is the perfect spot to feel the wind in your hair , while you are watching the one of a kind Greek Sunset.
No matter where you turn to, you will always have your perfect picture from any angle.

I simply adore the colors of the Greek sky and everything that wind will bring and usually it's the pure sense of the Mediterranean… lavender , olives, sea and the nature surrounded .

Visit Mykonos, to paint with the colors of the wind ! 🍁🍃🎋

It’s arrival o’clock !

Aeroplanes and watches, boarding passes and luggages … Boarding and take offs, landing and baggage claims… Don’t you love the feeling of reaching to a certain destination? Traveling with Aegan Airlines was a great experience, great service and a comfortable plane. Price was affordable if you fly from Thessaloniki-Mykonos , and super fast.
The new pink glow watch by Swatch is a great accecorize for the following Summer vibes . Funky and posh, cool and waterproof! 
So , which is your Summer vacation baes? 
Much love,

We dream in colors …

We dream in colors and we smile from the heart. We are forever young and brave hearts. We love to see through pink color , although sometimes might be black…

We are brave hearts and lost souls, we follow the sea, cuz that’s our road. 

To all sailors and wanderlust people, don’t let them cut your wings and damage your sails, close your eyes and feel the wind, guide yourself to the heights and unreached tops. 

Change for better, but never for anyone. 

Summer dreaming with Stradivarius 

Welcome Summer! Welcome salt in my hair and waves on my skin. Welcome to all beautiful and positive vibes that this season spreads. 

Colors, sand , wet towels , electro vibes and styles that never fade away . 

The collection by Inditex from Zara to Stradivarius is passionate, romantic, pure Summer and divinity in motion. I ‘m pleasantly surprised that they also have a home collection, and I love it! 

Currently, I’m located  in Thessaloniki and I love the vibe on the Egnatia Street and all the local cafè bars close to the sea or in between. 

If you visit Thessaloniki, you’ll fall in love in every aspect of the city, the list is long if I start to type it, so you better book yourself a ticket, and let’s go and discover ! 

The hidden places in your town…

Taking pictures usually its followed by passion and a local inspiration . I enjoy in taking pictures around the World, on a hidden place that a current city has to offer. If you visit Skopje, beside the various places to be seen and visited, the one that separates is the Old Bazaar where two cultures and religions are mixed and respected. 

It’s a must place to be at it, and a lot of cultural happenings are scheduled during the whole year… From Fashion Weeks, Festivals, Promotions etc…

Don’t wait, discover and capture the moment in motion !  

This is so far my favorite hidden place in Skopje… so, which is yours? 
Picture taken at: Old Bazaar , Suli An
For more visit:   http://www.staracarsija.mk

Hold my hand at the streets of San Juan, Puerto Rico 

You inspire me through your air San Juan , I’m madly in love in all of your streets and colorful houses. You are story that needs to be seen live only, you are masterpiece at every corner painted by the brushes of the street artist. 

I love all of your holes at the houses and the sounds of the variety of languages , docked by the numerous cruising ships , traveling world wide. 

Inspiration and a soul meditation, fashion edge and a beautiful people, thats what you are San Juan. 

A sip of Sangria in the noon, my prettiest dress and a sunset, a walk at the fortress and a moment capture in one thought.

Ohrid, the city under UNESCO , the unique architecture and pearl jams 

Every homeland has its own city that you somehow admire. And maybe that’s because of the people , its own architecture or just simply town vibe … 

This city has a special scent of traveling… Beside the very known Ohrid Lake that is protected by UNESCO and the beauties from churches to landscapes this city has so much to offer. 

The main turists are from all around Europe , but mostly from Netherlands , Serbia, Germany etc… 

You can’t miss the great taste of grilled fish, pearl fashion, the warm landscape all around you and the breathtaking churches that are witness of a long, great history of the Macedonian people. 

Discover it to belive it. 


Beautiful Belgrade ! 

Belgrade is always a great place to stay and visit indeed. The various nightlife , warm people, bohemian vibe in the town, big old buildings and streets like Knez Mihajlova will just make you feel in love with this city.

It offers so much, from places to eat, monuments to see, dear friends to meet, I personally think that Belgrade is a great escape for a self time. 

When you work on a ship, having a friends from around the globe, and meeting them in a certain country is a great feeling to see their dear faces. 

If you are visiting Belgrade soon, there are few tips where you can find a great food , shopping place, coffee and a night life.

For accomodation check Booking.com 

Coffee: Smokvica coffee bar located in the heart of the town and in other locations will make your day. Don’t forget to try their Lemonade with mint! 

Lounge bar: Boutique lounge bar,located on Knez Mihajlova. Warmly, cosy and a great service. Try the food is DELICIOUS. 

For Shopping beside Knez Mihajlova , check the two shopping malls Usce and Delta City.

For a nightlife, visit Skadarlija street where you can find old serbian kafana’s , with a tradition more than a 150 yrs and a street musicians. Then , head to river discos known as “SplavS”. I warmly recommend “River” and “Freestyler” .

Well, enjoy your stay folks! 

My Dubai in the middle of Cabo… Where the sand can mix with my soul

Cabo , Cabo , Cabo… 

It will offer you adventure one of a kind… From going to the ‘Lover’s beach’only access by boat, dive with puffer fishes and sea lions, sky dive , swim with dolphins …. 

This time I chose to ride a camel by the sea . One of a kind experience in every sence. 

Feelin’ the sea breeze of the Pacific , looking only at the blue horizon in front of me…

This is where I wanna be, where the sand can mix with my soul, to paint with the colors of the wind, to catch my breath while I take a deep dive underwater while I’m feelin’ free , bare foot and myself. 

Travel, it will undress you and dress you in all of the national flags and local fashion styles. Don’t be afraid of where can your two feet leed you, barefoot or with heels in the hands, leave a stamp on the sand of time. 

Write your own history and memory,don’t get used to reading of the history of others and don’t repeat in yourself: This could be me…. 

It is you. You are every single piece of stone in the ocean and sea, small rock in the endless sand, drop of water from cactus.