My messenger for the Summer

“After women, flowers are the most divine creations” – said once Christian Dior …

Women… we should celebrate our strenght and wisdom daily… Sometimes we behave naughty , and cross the lines, but we are the restless soliders for our family and loved ones… From all of those details for attention, we admire flowers the most ! Cuz it’s sincere, colorful and vintage.

Summer is here, and holidays are on our agenda! Ah, swimsuits, salt and waves, cocktails and beach volleyball! Can you already smell the spray tan that screams: AHOY SUMMER?!

My first messenger for this Summer is my new flower printed dress by Stradivarius , Inditex. As a former crew over there, I must say from year to year, your collections has been inspiring and original in every meaning of the word. 

Wear flowers, feel romantic and it doesn’t matter if you are single or crazy in love, Summer is here to keep us warm and pretty! 

Greece is my priority on Summer’s agenda, where are you heading next? 

Shoes by Aldo

Dress by: Stradivarius , Inditex

Bag by Guess 

Much love,



The hidden places in your town…

Taking pictures usually its followed by passion and a local inspiration . I enjoy in taking pictures around the World, on a hidden place that a current city has to offer. If you visit Skopje, beside the various places to be seen and visited, the one that separates is the Old Bazaar where two cultures and religions are mixed and respected. 

It’s a must place to be at it, and a lot of cultural happenings are scheduled during the whole year… From Fashion Weeks, Festivals, Promotions etc…

Don’t wait, discover and capture the moment in motion !  

This is so far my favorite hidden place in Skopje… so, which is yours? 
Picture taken at: Old Bazaar , Suli An
For more visit:

In a World full of adults, be the kid! 

Adults! Why did we even rushed to grow up? Instead of having the only issue “which candy to eat” , now you have to deal with heartbreaks, style mix and match, bills… But, oh well 🙂 ! 

When you think of yellow , usually it reminds you of : The Sun, lemonade and Summer …

It always gives you a positive feeling when you wear yellow. Pastels are my favorite colors, and no matter which ones I’ll choose , they will color my day in a great tone! 

So , it’s Sunday… Which color are you wearing today? 

Dress by Pull and Bear

Bag by Guess 

It can rain and it can pour, but you can always smile a bit more …

Rainy days are cozy and grey, usually our main destination is bed—>kitchen—->bed, movies and warm blanket. Some people are rushing to get to work, other to order coffee to go. 

No matter what you choose to do, don’t forget to smile and somehow keep it basic and keep in style. 

On a rainy days, I have two songs on my mind … “Stranger in Moscow” by MJ , and “Englishman in NY” by Sting. 

Oh well, it’s Friday , enjoy your weekend! 

Much love ,



Trench coat and leggings by H&M 

Shoes by Adiddas 

Shirt by Victoria’s Secret 

Bag by Guess

Under every law it’s legal to chase your dreams …

Dreams will come true if you chase them , and don’t let them go. We all dream about something, and they are our sweet escape from our reality today and tomorrow. 

There will be stops and signs to defocus your way and goal, but you should pass them with a smile and a clear vision. 
Avoid people who have doubts in your actions, they don’t even trust in them too, so why would they believe in you? 
And no matter which battle you’ll lose or win, the most important battle not to give up on is the one with yourself. 

Wearing Atmosphere Clothing by UK…  

Shower with me !

Oh bath time… Let’s drown all of our worries of this day, and scent them with a fresh lime leaves, funky scrub and a bright a new smile. 

If you are from Europe, you’ll find a great beauty products and deals at a stores called “DM” – (Made in Germany) . Currently the shower gel “Balea” and the Scrub with a lemon grass from “Balea” are my ultimate favorites this year. Such a refreshment for the Spring and the upcoming Summer! 

Visit for more:

If you are from USA, the “Bath and Body Works” are remarkable, and no matter what you choose, you’ll always make a good choice. The “Limoncello” line is my fave. 

Visit for more:

For a body lotion, I prefer from “Victoria’s Secret ” the “PINK” Line… funky, cool and refreshing, plus I love their product designs. 

Visir for more :
“Becutan” from Macedonia is the cosmetic that we all grew up with and the “Alkaloid” fabric has a super cool stuff! 

Visit for more:

And if you wanna get cozy, wrap yourself in the great cotton products of the Serbian “Extreme Intimo” store. 

For more visit:

Have a great bath time! 

Take a sip from your favorite coffee, instead of “Take a breath ” ! 

We can replace lot of things with something else, but coffee? No matter how loud you’ll sing to the left, to the left by Beyonce , coffee it’s not replaceable . No exceptions. 

My favorite places for a coffee break are always local places with kind friends and a happy vibe. If you are visiting Skopje, Macedonia the “Daily Food and Wine” place is a great choice. Love the interior, good coffee and food and lovely folks around. 

It will satisfy all of your “bon appetite” ! 

And no matter where are you from, coffee on every language means YES! 

Enjoy your Sunday! 

There is going to be a rain in your life, and you might have forgotten your umbrella… BUT! 

Rainy days, mixed emotions , endless shopping and a miles long conversations, to be or not to be, truth or dare… We’ve been in this situation , right? And it’s more than once ! 

It’s alright, it happens and it’s part of your life, sometimes we can’t fix and force things when the timing is wrong. 

Instead, let’s find beauties in small things. 

Coffee ! This Italian  Coffee Brend “ILLY” is remarkable! Beside the old and good “LAVAZZA” , this is also a TM on the Italian Coffee Market… And let’s break it down… Starbucks or Tim Hortons, local or Italian , coffee is calming chakra in our system. Don’t hesitate it, order one more! 

Summer is comming , and we need new scents. The new fragrance by Ferragamo “Signorina” is a must for the Summer. Fresh, seductive , warm and kind is my description for it. 

If you are from Skopje, Macedonia , visit Cosmo Tinex for a great beauty deals, if not , I am sure you can find this fragrance anywhere around the World. 

P.S There is always a good coffee to warm your soul and a new fragrance to spray new memories! 

Salvatore, mi piace il perfumo Signorina! 

Capture the moment ! 

Ah, moments… How many of them you simply wanted to freeze them, and let them live like that forever? 

What about your favorite photo from childhood, how many times you wanted to wake up your inner kid, to remind you to stay fearless and to keep dreaming? 

Every dress has it’s own story, and makes you feel differently… But, you decide which one are you gonna tell today … Either you are adorable lady or an urban Cosmic girl… 

My  dress story today is called BCBGMAXAZARIA … A world known  clothing brend for its finest style and taste. 

What’s your  dress story today? 

Satin & Purple , don’t make a purple rain, but they do make a memorable walk ! 

When I think of purple, it reminds me of royalty, lavender, Tuscany and the great song “Purple Rain” by Prince. 

It’s not an everyday color, but to wear it it takes a courage, and that’s the beauty of it…For a certain mix and match, you have to be inspired , but inspiration is all around us , right? 

My current inspiration for today and actually my final decision to buy them was: 

“Carrie Bradshaw wouldn’t even think twice to get them” ! And who can forget that J’adore Dior great outfit from the “Sex and the City”? 

Well ladies, you might feel sad a bit today, but any shoe color is always available to cheer you up!