Who are you, when no one is watching ? Well, one thing is sure, H&M can wake up the little mermaid in you!

We all have our inner persona, a hidden child that sleeps deep in us. Through years, we upgrade ourselves , we travel to discover who we are, to find that other half that belongs to us, to write memories and to share stories. 

Traveling with Carnival and being a part of the big Carnival family as a crew member, has taught me a lot about who am I , what makes me happy and how far can I go in order to achieve my goals. 

Being based in LA is more than a blessing when it comes to shopping and traveling. One of my favorite stores that I always come back with a smile on is H&M located in Long Beach California. 

Currently, one of my favorite piece of bikini is the cut out bikini from H&M . Although the Mexican sun is quite challenging , that didn’t stoped me to laugh at my last, and to run into the new day. 
Greetings from Mazatlan! 



Before you “Heal the world” , you should look at the “Man in the Mirror” … 

Daily, the world has becoming a kinda scary place to live. We started to live with a suspicion instead of faith. We look at eachother with fear instead of love. Instead of trust, we gained “fake hopes” because of the political view of the world. Every single person, from a different religion we see him/her as a threat, but not as one of us. What have we become, what have we done? Michael Jackson has always been a great inspiration of mine. Everytime when I hear his songs, it’s the same amazement as the first time I see him on MTV back in 90’s. 

Reading these news and hearing the daily number of victims from every corner of the world, makes me think that sometimes, one day maybe… We will all heal from this hate, money goals , war targets… This Earth was made for being a good place to live, not a war shelter.  


When you feel kinda Dolce, put your lace style on! 

Every girl loves lace. Wearing lace kinda makes you feel like you’re in the middle of Italy, hanging out with Bellucci , eating gelato and walking around in the beautiful Toscany . Lace is my definition of the hidden sexy vibe, a girl who loves keeping it basic but still instyle. Everytime when I wear lace, it always reminds me of the old good traditional Italian family style, my grandmother’s embroided  pictures that she used to do it with such a big love and patience , that Malena walk in the middle of the street. One of my all time favorite fashion campaigns  are from the Dolce and Gabbana  ’12 where the accent was on the family, embroided styles and floral and art prints. 

And remember, like my mom used to say: Hidden beauty is always more attractive than the naked one. 

Wearing shirt by H&M 

Shoes by Aldo 

Lipstick by MAC

Bracelet by MNG 



Always have your MAC lipstck and bff close to you… lipstick to make those lips seductive, and a bff to make you smile ! 

There are certain people that I know around me that can pull out a dark lipstick and make it look fresh from the runaway . My friend LT is the queen of dark lipsticks by MAC. Beside the great sense of style, she inspired me to try a darker version of a lipstick. I always thought I look kinda too serious and too mature with those colors on me, but never judge until you try. This lipstick by MAC is simply gorgeous and matches awesome with your Carmen style. So, If u’re heading for a Mexican dress code, make sure you put a darker lipstick cuz remember …. Mexico is all about passion, variety, amor y tequilla… Same goes with the Carmen style… Fierce and a reflection  of a strong woman. 

Thank you LT for your daily inspiration. 

Greetings from the beautiful Puerto Vallarta ! 

Lipstick by MAC

Jumpsuit by H&M




Hello from the other side… of the world 

Hey fellas, I know it’s been a while since i write ANYTHING on my blog, but just being so busy with traveling around the globe and meeting cool people… Well, I know … excuses but I promise you, that I miss writting so much that it’s time for me to come back on my blog! Until the next post…. Stay in touch and let’s get back to work fashionistas! New exciting posts are coming up!  

Greetings from the sunny LA!