In a World full of adults, be the kid!Β 

Adults! Why did we even rushed to grow up? Instead of having the only issue “which candy to eat” , now you have to deal with heartbreaks, style mix and match, bills… But, oh well πŸ™‚ ! 

When you think of yellow , usually it reminds you of : The Sun, lemonade and Summer …

It always gives you a positive feeling when you wear yellow. Pastels are my favorite colors, and no matter which ones I’ll choose , they will color my day in a great tone! 

So , it’s Sunday… Which color are you wearing today? 

Dress by Pull and Bear

Bag by Guess 

There is going to be a rain in your life, and you might have forgotten your umbrella… BUT!Β 

Rainy days, mixed emotions , endless shopping and a miles long conversations, to be or not to be, truth or dare… We’ve been in this situation , right? And it’s more than once ! 

It’s alright, it happens and it’s part of your life, sometimes we can’t fix and force things when the timing is wrong. 

Instead, let’s find beauties in small things. 

Coffee ! This Italian  Coffee Brend “ILLY” is remarkable! Beside the old and good “LAVAZZA” , this is also a TM on the Italian Coffee Market… And let’s break it down… Starbucks or Tim Hortons, local or Italian , coffee is calming chakra in our system. Don’t hesitate it, order one more! 

Summer is comming , and we need new scents. The new fragrance by Ferragamo “Signorina” is a must for the Summer. Fresh, seductive , warm and kind is my description for it. 

If you are from Skopje, Macedonia , visit Cosmo Tinex for a great beauty deals, if not , I am sure you can find this fragrance anywhere around the World. 

P.S There is always a good coffee to warm your soul and a new fragrance to spray new memories! 

Salvatore, mi piace il perfumo Signorina! 

Satin & Purple , don’t make a purple rain, but they do make a memorable walk !Β 

When I think of purple, it reminds me of royalty, lavender, Tuscany and the great song “Purple Rain” by Prince. 

It’s not an everyday color, but to wear it it takes a courage, and that’s the beauty of it…For a certain mix and match, you have to be inspired , but inspiration is all around us , right? 

My current inspiration for today and actually my final decision to buy them was: 

“Carrie Bradshaw wouldn’t even think twice to get them” ! And who can forget that J’adore Dior great outfit from the “Sex and the City”? 

Well ladies, you might feel sad a bit today, but any shoe color is always available to cheer you up! 

Friday , I’m feeling casualΒ 

Frida -YAY! 

Everybody cheer for Friday, from Wall Street busy street to European streets… No matter where you are, where are you from, Friday on every language means the same: Weekend calling and afterwork parties! 

But, Friday means getting your tasks done, finishing your deadlines and ordering a cocktail or maybe two πŸ™‚ .

This Friday, I’m feeling casual cuz somebody has to run around the town! 

P.S The ZARA biker leggings are must have and for me, they are TIMELESS! 

Combine them, wear them and you will still look fab and chic! 


Tuxedo by Armani XCHANGE 

Leggings by ZARA

Shoes by Adiddas 

Shirt by Shasa 

Bag by Nike

Bracelet by Furla 

A bohemian walk

Autumn is here and that means it’s time to take out your boots and warm clothes.

Over the knee boots are my kinda thing, cuz you can combine them with everyting from A-Z , and you will still look chic, basic and well dressed. 

I love my new fringe over the knee caramel boots, cuz since I’m flying soon to warmer places like Bermuda and Bahamas, I have like literally few weeks to wear them.

Today I chose the leather leggings, white shirt and a tuxedo. Keep it simple, right? 

Welcome Autumn, I’m ready for ya πŸ‚πŸ 

Be my Cabo, I’ll be your San Lucas

Mexico is always ” divertido ” (fun, various) place to be in it. Beside the great ports of call that my job provides me , Cabo is one of the places where you would love to eat your lunch at with a nautical view of any kind. Yachts, cruising ships, Carnival family, fresh sea food, sea lions behind every fishing boat or water taxi, fresh guacamole and one margarita POR FAVOR! What can you ask more of life ? I’ve heard about Cabo my very first time in the songs of Enrique Iglesias and it sounded like the place that I might never see it. ..

But keep that day dreaming baby girl, you own this day and you run your own world . And look at me now, I can call Cabo as my home! 
Look forward of the current day, and it’s not the end…

Where the sea kisses the Sun, I’ll be there waiting for you on the “Lovers beach” . 

El matador con el rojo bikini…

Summer always reminds us on all those pastel colors , sea shades of blue, mermaid care free days and love under the Sun and the Summer haze… 
This season, it’s time for Baywatch bikini to bring A sexy back… 

Remember Pamela and hot life guards on duty ? Well, Roxanne it’s time to save this summer fashion style victim with a piece of a red alert bikini. 
For me, red is the color of passion, strength and confidence, the dance of el matador and el toro en el tormenta de arena…  

Wear red to win the never ending war with your inner yourself, wear red cuz you are the Carmen of this city, to challenge the bull , to conquer the world.

Wearing Women’s Secret s/s 2016 


Keepin’ it basic with Calvin Klein…

There is something seductive when you think about the color black. From the “Little black dress” quote that is a definiton for elegance, to the Black magic woman vibe by Santana… 

Black is always a great choice for any kind of mood you are into. Wearing black means mystery, attitude, hidden sexiness , never discovered goddess , one of a kind girl. 

Calvin Klein has always been a true inspiration and fascination to me. His sexy vibe, basic but still damn attractive.I love every single ad from CK , not to mention all of his masterpiece of work. Jeans, shoes, trench…. the list never ends.


Heels by CK

Bracelet by CK

Shirt by Forever 21

Pants private brand. 

 How do you feel wearing black? 

Cuz I feel like I should .