The Christmas tree always brings a joy, and wakes up the inner kid in you!

Cinnamon December. The month of happiness, twinkle fashion , rainbow lights, decorated houses, warm tea and a cappuccino with cinnamon and cream, home- made cookies, Santa Claus and his crew , snow , ice skating Black Friday ,wrapping presents, and a cozy winter nights with a warm blanket and a fire and of course… How can you forget to watch the legendary animated movie “Frozen” during this period?
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Belgrade calling!

Trips around the countries near you are always fun and a great pleasure for the soul. You change your prism and point of view for a few days, your eye is getting “the new doze” of fresh landscapes, skyscrapers, beautiful people around, tasty cuisine and new goals to be reached,like I did in my latest visit of Belgrade, Serbia.
If I have to describe Belgrade shortly that would be:
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Keep it simple with your oversize coat and red alert shoes!

It’s that period of time- season: Winter, where oversized coats are more than welcomed! You don’t have to rush in the stores and buy the most expensive one just to look fancy and in style, don’t forget that the real beauty is in the simple things. Simplicity is my hakuna matata! And it means no fashion worries for the rest of the day,week, month etc. Continue reading

Meet me in the elevator, take a selfie or press whatever button you want!

Elevators are fun! All of us , when we r in an elevator we do few things:

*take a selfie
*make funny faces on the mirror
*imaging that you are someone special a.k.a famous person and here u have your 5 minutes of fame from floor 6 -> 0
* you are flirting with your girl/guy next door
or simply you just strike a pose and you think you are all that! :))
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Maybe you loved the Snowhite, but bae we are far away from a fairytale!

I loved Barbie and Ken , and probably you were amazed by the great fights of the Turtles, but hey … Let’s be honest… In each fight of each other nobody won, and did you take your love and moments back? Cuz I didn’t…

I left everything upstairs, to remind you on “the old great times”, took one shirt of yours to smell once again the “sweet begining” of October, cuz we are not that kind of a story of “Sweet November” either. Continue reading

One day he’ll want to explain you why, but that day you’ll show him why you never stopped the music in your head!

I understand that we live in a difficult times and that love has become a cheap feeling, quick pleasure and a hidden treasure to find. But, no matter what’s the price of love on the market, don’t sell your soul very cheap. Not just that you can’t find a great buyer who can buy you with smiles and respect, but these new generations are so “street school” educated, that you can be easily lost in their world, and forget about who you were before one hour. Continue reading

It’s a shame a beautiful girl not to wear one of a kind shoes!

Yes we know! Shoes are the apple of the eye for every woman! We can never stop buying them, collecting, and every time when we are in a shoe store , all the ladies no matter are you 18 or 88 the universal truth is: WE ARE ALL LIKE A KIDS IN A CANDY STORE! Hungry eyes, bigger wish and never enough money for the new pair of shoes! But, because you are a woman, you’ll always find a way how to buy them. Yes… We do sacrifice for shoes! In every way! Continue reading