Cool kids wear Adidas. Stripes, grey color, and old school sweatshirts. O, and my new favorite shoes by Adidas!

When you think about Adidas, what that does reminds you on?
If you ask me, it reminds me on a few things:

*cool kids from the 90’s wearing the old school Adidas shoes with a higher white sock, while rolling around on their skateboard Continue reading


Don’t forget about your nails too! What if he proposes you, and you don’t have a good manicure done? Moments are important, but also having a good nail polish too :)!

One lady can spend a lots of money on a few things:

*make up
*and the last but also very important …. Nails!

We live in that era that nails are the same important as the good matching clothes are too. Well manicured nails, is something that every young lady or older women should have. Continue reading

It’s alright to be single, but also it’s alright to keep up your integrity and to feel good in the skin you live in.

If we were chameleon, it would be much more easier for our soul to get used to the new love frequency that we signed for. If we were a robots, then I would love to get my heart programmed on the “Discovery heart channel” , so I could see “How it’s made a normal way of thinking in one man’s /woman’s head”. If I were a boy, then for sure I won’t turn into the psychological monster, where my aim it would be only one: “disrespect a woman’s worth, and get that beautiful mind of hers confused as a Chinese letters are still confusing to me today” . Continue reading

Spring is coming, and it’s time for a sexy printed denim style with a kinda Rihanna’s high heels on your million dollar legs!

Yes, the good news are that the Spring is coming, and it’s around the corner! That means: more skin, sexy legs (thank God we all went to the gym since September) , printed fabrics, sweet red and white little toes while you rock those Rihanna’s kinda sexy shoes!
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The best of January! Edition: MAKE UP & PERFUME!

Winter time sometimes asks for more make up on our faces, and of course more cream too, to keep the skin moisturized. Although , I am not into the make up a lot, and personally I don’t put too much make up on, still I want to use a quality kind of a make up, and to keep it up the fresh and natural look.
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A presentation for my blog at the American Corner, supported by the US Embassy! Had a blast!

It’s great when people appreciate your creative work, and some of them love to hear more about it. About how you started, who got you inspired, to share some tips and tricks about blogging, to give your point of view when it comes to fashion and style.

Yesterday I was a guest in my hometown Stip, where I got invited by the crew of American Corner Stip, to share my experience with the blog.
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New Year has passed , but that doesn’t mean that you still can’t wear your twinkle twinkle dresses and clothes!

Even tho the New Year has passed and all that craziness of what to wear and how to look on the most exciting and fun night of the year, there is still a chance to rock those twinkle twinkle clothing’s on the weekends while you are out in your favorite club, having a blast with your crew. Continue reading