Meet DeskStation@CreativeHub !

Writing has always been my passion, and usually I need a quiet space to work on my magic 🙂 .

Creative minds always do a great things together !

I’m more than proud to tell you that me and my cool girls connected together to create a wonderful co-working spot , in a hub style by the prototype of Google’s Campus in Madrid.

With an open mind vision, experience from all around the Globe, fresh ideas and the appetite to offer something new rather than ordinary , DeskStation@CreativeHub has been founded this August.

Three Cosmic girls , with a friendship long time ago, agreed to be a great team and to bring something new on the market.

Located in the heart of Skopje, Macedonia

if you need a getaway business spot, quiet place on your own, or if you need a meeting and conference fully equipped place, deskStation@Creativehub is your option.

Our team is ready to host all of your events including team building meetings too.

Warm coffee, big smile and a comfy zone.

Rent. Create. Make it happen. Seal the deal!

FB: @Creativehub , @deskStation

Insta: @deskstation

Hand made heaven in Mykonos

Hand made work is what I admire the most. The dedication, creation and the patience to make a certain design is something that is worth paying for. 
Boho style will never fade away, it will be popular especially when it comes to a beach wear , casual days and unique vibes. 
Walking in Mykonos around, I found this unique shop around the corner of Little Venice named “Sagar” where this young designer Bankovic Ivana created her hand made heaven. 
Here you’ll find a different kinds of clothes, accessorize, shoes and you’ll be amazed of the creativity of this young woman. 
She is warm, kind and has a great knowledge in fashion and style. 

If you visit Mykonos, “Sagar” handmade accessorize store is where you should go and you’ll love it! 


Be thankful !

Look around you and what are you thankful for? Your family, soulmate, the places that you visit, the education that you’ve invested in? 

Be thankful and be kind, trust in yourself and let the dreams guide you to the places that from postcards will become your very own photo memory.

Today I’m thankful for having a family that supports me, loves me the way I am, feels so proud of who I have become through the years… I’m thankful for having a brother who showed me the paths and shortcuts to the pure shores of traveling. 

This is my postcard from Greece and I’m sending you my blessing no matter where you are !

Summer dreaming with Stradivarius 

Welcome Summer! Welcome salt in my hair and waves on my skin. Welcome to all beautiful and positive vibes that this season spreads. 

Colors, sand , wet towels , electro vibes and styles that never fade away . 

The collection by Inditex from Zara to Stradivarius is passionate, romantic, pure Summer and divinity in motion. I ‘m pleasantly surprised that they also have a home collection, and I love it! 

Currently, I’m located  in Thessaloniki and I love the vibe on the Egnatia Street and all the local cafè bars close to the sea or in between. 

If you visit Thessaloniki, you’ll fall in love in every aspect of the city, the list is long if I start to type it, so you better book yourself a ticket, and let’s go and discover ! 

The hidden places in your town…

Taking pictures usually its followed by passion and a local inspiration . I enjoy in taking pictures around the World, on a hidden place that a current city has to offer. If you visit Skopje, beside the various places to be seen and visited, the one that separates is the Old Bazaar where two cultures and religions are mixed and respected. 

It’s a must place to be at it, and a lot of cultural happenings are scheduled during the whole year… From Fashion Weeks, Festivals, Promotions etc…

Don’t wait, discover and capture the moment in motion !  

This is so far my favorite hidden place in Skopje… so, which is yours? 
Picture taken at: Old Bazaar , Suli An
For more visit:

In a World full of adults, be the kid! 

Adults! Why did we even rushed to grow up? Instead of having the only issue “which candy to eat” , now you have to deal with heartbreaks, style mix and match, bills… But, oh well 🙂 ! 

When you think of yellow , usually it reminds you of : The Sun, lemonade and Summer …

It always gives you a positive feeling when you wear yellow. Pastels are my favorite colors, and no matter which ones I’ll choose , they will color my day in a great tone! 

So , it’s Sunday… Which color are you wearing today? 

Dress by Pull and Bear

Bag by Guess 

It can rain and it can pour, but you can always smile a bit more …

Rainy days are cozy and grey, usually our main destination is bed—>kitchen—->bed, movies and warm blanket. Some people are rushing to get to work, other to order coffee to go. 

No matter what you choose to do, don’t forget to smile and somehow keep it basic and keep in style. 

On a rainy days, I have two songs on my mind … “Stranger in Moscow” by MJ , and “Englishman in NY” by Sting. 

Oh well, it’s Friday , enjoy your weekend! 

Much love ,



Trench coat and leggings by H&M 

Shoes by Adiddas 

Shirt by Victoria’s Secret 

Bag by Guess

Take a sip from your favorite coffee, instead of “Take a breath ” ! 

We can replace lot of things with something else, but coffee? No matter how loud you’ll sing to the left, to the left by Beyonce , coffee it’s not replaceable . No exceptions. 

My favorite places for a coffee break are always local places with kind friends and a happy vibe. If you are visiting Skopje, Macedonia the “Daily Food and Wine” place is a great choice. Love the interior, good coffee and food and lovely folks around. 

It will satisfy all of your “bon appetite” ! 

And no matter where are you from, coffee on every language means YES! 

Enjoy your Sunday! 

Capture the moment ! 

Ah, moments… How many of them you simply wanted to freeze them, and let them live like that forever? 

What about your favorite photo from childhood, how many times you wanted to wake up your inner kid, to remind you to stay fearless and to keep dreaming? 

Every dress has it’s own story, and makes you feel differently… But, you decide which one are you gonna tell today … Either you are adorable lady or an urban Cosmic girl… 

My  dress story today is called BCBGMAXAZARIA … A world known  clothing brend for its finest style and taste. 

What’s your  dress story today?