In the style of Debar Maalo

I could name tons of reasons why I love Debar Maalo. Beside its location, I love to spend most of my time here at the local coffee bars. Coffee Bar Krug is where I usually drink my morning coffee , meet my dear friends and what I love it here , is that I am always surrounded by positive people.

Beside the great vibe, what caught my eye is one really funky building with graffitti all around on the walls.  Since I am a street art maniac and love to caption a creative work on walls, I got the perfect shot.

Whoever did this, I just wanna say thank you for putting a little make up on our city. Looks so cosmo and urban.

And no matter where you’re going to spend your time in Debar Maalo, the hood has a great coffee bars and restaurants to be visited.


Crayons of nature

Nature has a  Picasso way of coloring this World when it’s Autumn. Leaves everywhere , and no matter where are you going to turn around, the basic and the background is always inspiring and one of a kind.

Golden colors, black shades , brown contrast….it’s all a perfect Autumn picture to me.

Catching the last Sun Rays, will remind you that you’re missing Summer already , and it’s time to unpack your long scarves and gloves, warm your heart with a cinnamon on top of your favorite hot chocolate,  prepare yourself a great movies package, and enjoy in the present view ahead.

Smile as much as you can. It will heal your soul, and it’s a great beauty medicine.

Wear your favorite denim  jacket and keep it basic these days.

Enjoy your Autumn days no matter where you are. 

Contrasts of Autumn

Contrasts of the Autumn

Autumn is bringing that golden spectar of leaves and warn Sun, red colors among the brown palette of nature.

Winter is almost here, but we are still not ready to play the role of Elsa.

Walls of art are my favorite as a perfect backround for a shot. It will always apply to your outfit elegant or casual.

Street artists are the true inspiration of creativity.

Wearing Adidas and a basic denim jacket and a simple casual outfit are always reminding me that no matter how many pairs of high heels  and dresses I have , I will always be Nina, a simple girl from the block.

T- Tuesdays and Tuxedo

After Monday, comes the busy Tuesday. And you always wanna impress with no stress. Tuesdays are good. They always remind me that I have a schedule and week goals. Since this Autumn is sunny in Skopje, a white tuxedo is still an option to be part of my daily business – casual style.

Good shoes will always make a point, basic posh hair will always get you more points, good bag will close the deal, shades are to keep you cool, and a smile is your key of success.

Get up, get dressed, chase your dream.

Get inspired !

Movies are such a good inspiration when it comes to style. They will take you to places, one day you’ll hang out with Audrey Hepburn in Rome, the next one you are in a sunny French village with Olivier Martinez driving along the south French coast, and then the very next day you are stuck in NY or LA on some rooftop bar hanging out with Sarah Jessica Parker , talking about love and fashion, while Kim Cattrall is booking your next posh spot to be seen at, while Cynthia and Kristin are waiting for you with a cup of warm coffee and wisdom words !

This outfit is inspired by the style of Carrie Bradshaw, remindig me how beautiful we (women) are , and that we should and we are a blooming flower no matter the season.

Dress and smile, laugh with your girlfriends, send the bad vibes away, let the good time come, and welcome the Sun.

Old industrial zone, new art!

The old abandoned industrial zones are always a great inspirations for great captions. And it doesn’t matter what you wear, you will always look great captured

in motion.

My sudden collaboration with my artistic friend Martin, brought a great product in this photo session.

Wearing the “Soulmates forever” Springfield jacket and KOTON black dress.

It can rain and it can pour, but you can always smile a bit more …

Rainy days are cozy and grey, usually our main destination is bed—>kitchen—->bed, movies and warm blanket. Some people are rushing to get to work, other to order coffee to go. 

No matter what you choose to do, don’t forget to smile and somehow keep it basic and keep in style. 

On a rainy days, I have two songs on my mind … “Stranger in Moscow” by MJ , and “Englishman in NY” by Sting. 

Oh well, it’s Friday , enjoy your weekend! 

Much love ,



Trench coat and leggings by H&M 

Shoes by Adiddas 

Shirt by Victoria’s Secret 

Bag by Guess

Friday , I’m feeling casual 

Frida -YAY! 

Everybody cheer for Friday, from Wall Street busy street to European streets… No matter where you are, where are you from, Friday on every language means the same: Weekend calling and afterwork parties! 

But, Friday means getting your tasks done, finishing your deadlines and ordering a cocktail or maybe two 🙂 .

This Friday, I’m feeling casual cuz somebody has to run around the town! 

P.S The ZARA biker leggings are must have and for me, they are TIMELESS! 

Combine them, wear them and you will still look fab and chic! 


Tuxedo by Armani XCHANGE 

Leggings by ZARA

Shoes by Adiddas 

Shirt by Shasa 

Bag by Nike

Bracelet by Furla 

Viva basic ! 

Basic, basic …Never enough from you , but I don’t mind ! 

A tuxedo dress was a smashing hit recently… From Balmain to Kim Kardashian, that office chic look will never get out of style! 

I like the simplicity in fashion. You can mix and match with no regrets and yes, challenges are more than welcomed. 

I chose to mix and match my MNG  dress from suite collection with my Adidas Originals , big Nike bag and a big smile ! 

It’s simple and a great option for a daily schedule around the town! 

Keep it simple ladies and don’t forget the smile! 

Dress by MNG from Suit Collection

Shoes by Adidas Originals,

Bag by Nike

Watch by ALDO

Basic instinct vibe

Instinct is a thing that you must follow. Inner or not, just follow. It will lead you at the right spot and time. No exceptions.  

When it comes to fashion, simplicity is my kinda thing . For the people that follow me , or they have read some of my blogs , they certainly know that CK vibe is my fashion philosophy , although I wanna experiment with other styles, from chic to old school, street fashion and all kinds of them. 

Also I warmly recommend the old timer Gucci Rush Perfume if you want to feel good in your skin. 

For a rainy Monday, and a coffee time I chose my basic instinct vibe that goes like this: 

Blazzer by Armani Exchange

Shoes by Calvin Klein

Denim by MNG 

Shirt by MNG

Shades by Ray Ban 

Perfume by Gucci.

And, a Monday ain’t gonna be Monday if there is no Freddo Cappucino on the table :). 

Have a lovely start of the week everyone!