T- Tuesdays and Tuxedo

After Monday, comes the busy Tuesday. And you always wanna impress with no stress. Tuesdays are good. They always remind me that I have a schedule and week goals. Since this Autumn is sunny in Skopje, a white tuxedo is still an option to be part of my daily business – casual style.

Good shoes will always make a point, basic posh hair will always get you more points, good bag will close the deal, shades are to keep you cool, and a smile is your key of success.

Get up, get dressed, chase your dream.


Get inspired !

Movies are such a good inspiration when it comes to style. They will take you to places, one day you’ll hang out with Audrey Hepburn in Rome, the next one you are in a sunny French village with Olivier Martinez driving along the south French coast, and then the very next day you are stuck in NY or LA on some rooftop bar hanging out with Sarah Jessica Parker , talking about love and fashion, while Kim Cattrall is booking your next posh spot to be seen at, while Cynthia and Kristin are waiting for you with a cup of warm coffee and wisdom words !

This outfit is inspired by the style of Carrie Bradshaw, remindig me how beautiful we (women) are , and that we should and we are a blooming flower no matter the season.

Dress and smile, laugh with your girlfriends, send the bad vibes away, let the good time come, and welcome the Sun.

Hand made heaven in Mykonos

Hand made work is what I admire the most. The dedication, creation and the patience to make a certain design is something that is worth paying for. 
Boho style will never fade away, it will be popular especially when it comes to a beach wear , casual days and unique vibes. 
Walking in Mykonos around, I found this unique shop around the corner of Little Venice named “Sagar” where this young designer Bankovic Ivana created her hand made heaven. 
Here you’ll find a different kinds of clothes, accessorize, shoes and you’ll be amazed of the creativity of this young woman. 
She is warm, kind and has a great knowledge in fashion and style. 

If you visit Mykonos, “Sagar” handmade accessorize store is where you should go and you’ll love it! 


It’s arrival o’clock !

Aeroplanes and watches, boarding passes and luggages … Boarding and take offs, landing and baggage claims… Don’t you love the feeling of reaching to a certain destination? Traveling with Aegan Airlines was a great experience, great service and a comfortable plane. Price was affordable if you fly from Thessaloniki-Mykonos , and super fast.
The new pink glow watch by Swatch is a great accecorize for the following Summer vibes . Funky and posh, cool and waterproof! 
So , which is your Summer vacation baes? 
Much love,

Need a photography heaven? 

Photos are always fun, to take them or simply just to make a great memory and have them forever. Photos are always reminding us of the beautiful moments captured with a heart, the places that we went , people that we met and the different cultural food that we ate around the Globe. 

This application named “YouPic” is a great escape from the ordinary day, an artistic positive vibe in every category. 

This team , supports photographers around the Globe and give a chance to everybody who have passion and love for photos, to upload their piece of art through their application and gain a great experience and get in touch with other creaive people ! 

For more visit https://youpic.com or simply download the application ❤️! 

The hidden places in your town…

Taking pictures usually its followed by passion and a local inspiration . I enjoy in taking pictures around the World, on a hidden place that a current city has to offer. If you visit Skopje, beside the various places to be seen and visited, the one that separates is the Old Bazaar where two cultures and religions are mixed and respected. 

It’s a must place to be at it, and a lot of cultural happenings are scheduled during the whole year… From Fashion Weeks, Festivals, Promotions etc…

Don’t wait, discover and capture the moment in motion !  

This is so far my favorite hidden place in Skopje… so, which is yours? 
Picture taken at: Old Bazaar , Suli An
For more visit:   http://www.staracarsija.mk

In a World full of adults, be the kid! 

Adults! Why did we even rushed to grow up? Instead of having the only issue “which candy to eat” , now you have to deal with heartbreaks, style mix and match, bills… But, oh well 🙂 ! 

When you think of yellow , usually it reminds you of : The Sun, lemonade and Summer …

It always gives you a positive feeling when you wear yellow. Pastels are my favorite colors, and no matter which ones I’ll choose , they will color my day in a great tone! 

So , it’s Sunday… Which color are you wearing today? 

Dress by Pull and Bear

Bag by Guess 

Under every law it’s legal to chase your dreams …

Dreams will come true if you chase them , and don’t let them go. We all dream about something, and they are our sweet escape from our reality today and tomorrow. 

There will be stops and signs to defocus your way and goal, but you should pass them with a smile and a clear vision. 
Avoid people who have doubts in your actions, they don’t even trust in them too, so why would they believe in you? 
And no matter which battle you’ll lose or win, the most important battle not to give up on is the one with yourself. 

Wearing Atmosphere Clothing by UK…  

Capture the moment ! 

Ah, moments… How many of them you simply wanted to freeze them, and let them live like that forever? 

What about your favorite photo from childhood, how many times you wanted to wake up your inner kid, to remind you to stay fearless and to keep dreaming? 

Every dress has it’s own story, and makes you feel differently… But, you decide which one are you gonna tell today … Either you are adorable lady or an urban Cosmic girl… 

My  dress story today is called BCBGMAXAZARIA … A world known  clothing brend for its finest style and taste. 

What’s your  dress story today? 

Hello Boho ! Hola Mexicana! 

Cuz I’m a gypsy, are you coming with me? 

Boho style is always welcomed, at any fashion point. Coachella vibe, free spirit, gypsy soul, Johnny Deep kisses and a Joss Stone music… 

The Mexican culture also takes a good part when it comes to my personal taste of fashion… Who can forget Frida and her flowers ? And those Cinqo the Mayo prints? 

You don’t have to travel the world , to be present at the current country , you just have to add that to your style and rock that street runway!