My messenger for the Summer

“After women, flowers are the most divine creations” – said once Christian Dior …

Women… we should celebrate our strenght and wisdom daily… Sometimes we behave naughty , and cross the lines, but we are the restless soliders for our family and loved ones… From all of those details for attention, we admire flowers the most ! Cuz it’s sincere, colorful and vintage.

Summer is here, and holidays are on our agenda! Ah, swimsuits, salt and waves, cocktails and beach volleyball! Can you already smell the spray tan that screams: AHOY SUMMER?!

My first messenger for this Summer is my new flower printed dress by Stradivarius , Inditex. As a former crew over there, I must say from year to year, your collections has been inspiring and original in every meaning of the word. 

Wear flowers, feel romantic and it doesn’t matter if you are single or crazy in love, Summer is here to keep us warm and pretty! 

Greece is my priority on Summer’s agenda, where are you heading next? 

Shoes by Aldo

Dress by: Stradivarius , Inditex

Bag by Guess 

Much love,



My Dubai in the middle of Cabo… Where the sand can mix with my soul

Cabo , Cabo , Cabo… 

It will offer you adventure one of a kind… From going to the ‘Lover’s beach’only access by boat, dive with puffer fishes and sea lions, sky dive , swim with dolphins …. 

This time I chose to ride a camel by the sea . One of a kind experience in every sence. 

Feelin’ the sea breeze of the Pacific , looking only at the blue horizon in front of me…

This is where I wanna be, where the sand can mix with my soul, to paint with the colors of the wind, to catch my breath while I take a deep dive underwater while I’m feelin’ free , bare foot and myself. 

Travel, it will undress you and dress you in all of the national flags and local fashion styles. Don’t be afraid of where can your two feet leed you, barefoot or with heels in the hands, leave a stamp on the sand of time. 

Write your own history and memory,don’t get used to reading of the history of others and don’t repeat in yourself: This could be me…. 

It is you. You are every single piece of stone in the ocean and sea, small rock in the endless sand, drop of water from cactus. 

Be my Cabo, I’ll be your San Lucas

Mexico is always ” divertido ” (fun, various) place to be in it. Beside the great ports of call that my job provides me , Cabo is one of the places where you would love to eat your lunch at with a nautical view of any kind. Yachts, cruising ships, Carnival family, fresh sea food, sea lions behind every fishing boat or water taxi, fresh guacamole and one margarita POR FAVOR! What can you ask more of life ? I’ve heard about Cabo my very first time in the songs of Enrique Iglesias and it sounded like the place that I might never see it. ..

But keep that day dreaming baby girl, you own this day and you run your own world . And look at me now, I can call Cabo as my home! 
Look forward of the current day, and it’s not the end…

Where the sea kisses the Sun, I’ll be there waiting for you on the “Lovers beach” . 

Cheers for the mornings like these! 

Spring in Mexico is similar like a early summer in Greece. Feelin’ kinda blessed to have this opportunities to visit and see places like Puerto Vallarta.

Mexico is a story for itself. You know how they say : ” You have to see it, to belive it” !

If you are on your way for a vacation, and your destination is Mexico, come to Puerto Vallarta and live these landscapes!

And if you’re thinking about a hotel, there r dozens of them… So far my favorite is the Mariott International. 

High level of service, breathtaking views and a comfortable zone and tasty food. 

Buen dia de Mexico!

Whoever tries to drown you down, change the Sea, but not your mermaid vanes too!

This world that is wrapped around us, is full with people who will tell you how great you are in every sense of the word, won’t bring you down when you’ll want just to raise up and instead of cutting your wings…they will give you wings.
On the other hand, there is always a good and bad side of each story, movie or the real story of your life. Cowboys vs Indians, Black vs White, Dark and Light, Sun and Moon, Yesterday or Tomorrow , Yes or No, I will and I won’t, I can and I can’t.

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