Crayons of nature

Nature has a¬† Picasso way of coloring this World when it’s Autumn. Leaves everywhere , and no matter where are you going to turn around, the basic and the background is always inspiring and one of a kind.

Golden colors, black shades , brown contrast….it’s all a perfect Autumn picture to me.

Catching the last Sun Rays, will remind you that you’re missing Summer already , and it’s time to unpack your long scarves and gloves, warm your heart with a cinnamon on top of your favorite hot chocolate,¬† prepare yourself a great movies package, and enjoy in the present view ahead.

Smile as much as you can. It will heal your soul, and it’s a great beauty medicine.

Wear your favorite denim  jacket and keep it basic these days.

Enjoy your Autumn days no matter where you are. 


Old industrial zone, new art!

The old abandoned industrial zones are always a great inspirations for great captions. And it doesn’t matter what you wear, you will always look great captured

in motion.

My sudden collaboration with my artistic friend Martin, brought a great product in this photo session.

Wearing the “Soulmates forever” Springfield jacket and KOTON black dress.

Summer dreaming with Stradivarius 

Welcome Summer! Welcome salt in my hair and waves on my skin. Welcome to all beautiful and positive vibes that this season spreads. 

Colors, sand , wet towels , electro vibes and styles that never fade away . 

The collection by Inditex from Zara to Stradivarius is passionate, romantic, pure Summer and divinity in motion. I ‘m pleasantly surprised that they also have a home collection, and I love it! 

Currently, I’m located  in Thessaloniki and I love the vibe on the Egnatia Street and all the local caf√® bars close to the sea or in between. 

If you visit Thessaloniki, you’ll fall in love in every aspect of the city, the list is long if I start to type it, so you better book yourself a ticket, and let’s go and discover ! 

My messenger for the Summer

“After women, flowers are the most divine creations” – said once Christian Dior …

Women… we should celebrate our strenght and wisdom daily… Sometimes we behave naughty , and cross the lines, but we are the restless soliders for our family and loved ones… From all of those details for attention, we admire flowers the most ! Cuz it’s sincere, colorful and vintage.

Summer is here, and holidays are on our agenda! Ah, swimsuits, salt and waves, cocktails and beach volleyball! Can you already smell the spray tan that screams: AHOY SUMMER?!

My first messenger for this Summer is my new flower printed dress by Stradivarius , Inditex. As a former crew over there, I must say from year to year, your collections has been inspiring and original in every meaning of the word. 

Wear flowers, feel romantic and it doesn’t matter if you are single or crazy in love, Summer is here to keep us warm and pretty! 

Greece is my priority on Summer’s agenda, where are you heading next? 

Shoes by Aldo

Dress by: Stradivarius , Inditex

Bag by Guess 

Much love,


El matador con el rojo bikini…

Summer always reminds us on all those pastel colors , sea shades of blue, mermaid care free days and love under the Sun and the Summer haze… 
This season, it’s time for Baywatch bikini to bring A sexy back… 

Remember Pamela and hot life guards on duty ? Well, Roxanne it’s time to save this summer fashion style victim with a piece of a red alert bikini. 
For me, red is the color of passion, strength and confidence, the dance of el matador and el toro en el tormenta de arena…  

Wear red to win the never ending war with your inner yourself, wear red cuz you are the Carmen of this city, to challenge the bull , to conquer the world.

Wearing Women’s Secret s/s 2016 


Cheers for the mornings like these! 

Spring in Mexico is similar like a early summer in Greece. Feelin’ kinda blessed to have this opportunities to visit and see places like Puerto Vallarta.

Mexico is a story for itself. You know how they say : ” You have to see it, to belive it” !

If you are on your way for a vacation, and your destination is Mexico, come to Puerto Vallarta and live these landscapes!

And if you’re thinking about a hotel, there r dozens of them… So far my favorite is the Mariott International. 

High level of service, breathtaking views and a comfortable zone and tasty food. 

Buen dia de Mexico!

Who are you, when no one is watching ? Well, one thing is sure, H&M can wake up the little mermaid in you!

We all have our inner persona, a hidden child that sleeps deep in us. Through years, we upgrade ourselves , we travel to discover who we are, to find that other half that belongs to us, to write memories and to share stories. 

Traveling with Carnival and being a part of the big Carnival family as a crew member, has taught me a lot about who am I , what makes me happy and how far can I go in order to achieve my goals. 

Being based in LA is more than a blessing when it comes to shopping and traveling. One of my favorite stores that I always come back with a smile on is H&M located in Long Beach California. 

Currently, one of my favorite piece of bikini is the cut out bikini from H&M . Although the Mexican sun is quite challenging , that didn’t stoped me to laugh at my last, and to run into the new day. 
Greetings from Mazatlan! 


You wanna one of a kind Summer? Try Greece and have a Summer that you would love to revive until the end of your life. This is the Halkidiki chapter!

Greece in the world is known by many things, from history to the amazing landscapes and sunsets that only this country will offer you. For two years in a row I have been working there, meeting and hangin’ around with my greek crew and having a blast. You see, Greece is not all about Olympics and Goddess or olive oils. It’s so much more than that. Drinking coffee in Greece is a way of culture. Greek people love to spend their free time with family and friends in tavernas out, with a seaview. Beside the great cuisine that is a mix of olive oil and spices, you can’t get enough of the beautiful people around you, the great frappe and tasty greek salad, urban music, clean beaches and all those landscapes that only God and Zeus can create in their secret project ” Greece, the middle name of heaven”. From what I have seen and discovered , I’m sharing with you my impression and warm recommendations of what is the best places for going out, on which beach to lay and relax, where are the best crepes around,coffee bars etc.

The town that never sleeps,and it’s a great city offering you great things to do. For a coffee break try the Boston and Friends on the Aristotelis Square or if you wanna great food and glass of wine visit the “Kitchen Bar” or “Brothers in Law” . Feta cheese with almonds and honey or Santorini salad … Are you ready to get drown in the sea of tastes? Believe me, it’s worth dying for. And no one needs to save you.These are the IT places where you will see great people, feel positive vibes and drink great coffee with a sea view. A coffee with a cookie served it is a must.




For the nightlife, try the famous Valaoritou street, where are many good bars offering you cool electro vibes, good service and promising you great night. Personally, my warm recommendation is the bar “The Real Rockenrolla” where you will have a blast, I promise you. Usually you will see around the DJ many guys or girls, but don’t wonder, they just enjoy in the music art and are the current support.




Halkidiki – the first finger

From Afytos , then Kalithea to Hanioti all these small villages have to offer you great beaches and clean sea, Sunsets that are worth seeing, beach bars and parties that you won’t find anywhere else near. Chalkidiki is the place where many Greeks from Thessaloniki or as they call Salonica come to enjoy in their weekend into their holiday houses. Here you will see the typical Mediterranean architecture with stones , white walls and blue windows. Yes, sounds like the true Greek style. In Afytos you can eat great cuisine and get amazed about the mix of Italian and Greek culture. From the great stone balcony, you can catch the one of a kind sunset.
Kalithea is known for the best night life and summer clubs. Pearl and Angels are must see! With a such a beautiful people, great service indoor and outdoor Pearl is known as the “fancy club” while Angles as the “after party club”. Both of them are worth visiting. Great music vibes by the famous greek DJ Kanakis and people dancing until the sun comes up.
Hanioti is the last village for my warm recommendation where you will eat the best crepes at Platia, attend the best beach bar parties at the Molos Beach and eat in great tavernas such as To Elenikon, and have the best coffee and view at the Paralio Bar, where the owner and his amazing family will make you feel like home, and you will want to come back again every year.

On Molos Beach you will have to reserve a sun bed, cuz usually it’s crowded. But don’t worry this is because it is one of the best beach bars, where you will be satisfied from the service and what Molos have to offer you. You can’t get bored with Molos. Greek hot guys and girls ,tattooed handsome bodies covered with oil and Caroten, white smile and great style. Can you handle it? Book your tickets asap, and have a great Summer.

My next destination is : Mykonos.
























Watermelon print on a fabrique? Yummyy

Watermelon reminds us me on Summer, sea, bright sunny days and one summer love. If watermelon reminds u too on the sweet endless Summer, then the new skirt by Primark is the right choice for you. Whether you decide to wear like a skirt or like a ballerina dress (as I did) , it doesn’t matter as long you enjoy it to wear it , the same pleasure and satisfaction when you eat watermelon. When you wear it like a ballerina dress, with a leather jacket on it and you finish it with wearing stilettos( metalic I prefer) it gives you vintage look, specific style and yes, you are the new Bradshaw in the town.
Enjoy the spring, buy smart and enjoy in the greatness of your creativity.

Spend and use your creativity, not your wallet.

Skirt by the new collection of Primark.