Sundays are for gym !

A workout is always welcomed especially during these cold days. You might think that Summer is far away, but let’s make something clear : You workout because of you, your health and state of mind and nobody else!

The benefits of having a healthy body is not just to show the World your precious abs… The benefit is a clean mind, better immune system and a great smile on your face.

No exception, attack the bad thoughts and you better sweat!


T- Tuesdays and Tuxedo

After Monday, comes the busy Tuesday. And you always wanna impress with no stress. Tuesdays are good. They always remind me that I have a schedule and week goals. Since this Autumn is sunny in Skopje, a white tuxedo is still an option to be part of my daily business – casual style.

Good shoes will always make a point, basic posh hair will always get you more points, good bag will close the deal, shades are to keep you cool, and a smile is your key of success.

Get up, get dressed, chase your dream.

Get inspired !

Movies are such a good inspiration when it comes to style. They will take you to places, one day you’ll hang out with Audrey Hepburn in Rome, the next one you are in a sunny French village with Olivier Martinez driving along the south French coast, and then the very next day you are stuck in NY or LA on some rooftop bar hanging out with Sarah Jessica Parker , talking about love and fashion, while Kim Cattrall is booking your next posh spot to be seen at, while Cynthia and Kristin are waiting for you with a cup of warm coffee and wisdom words !

This outfit is inspired by the style of Carrie Bradshaw, remindig me how beautiful we (women) are , and that we should and we are a blooming flower no matter the season.

Dress and smile, laugh with your girlfriends, send the bad vibes away, let the good time come, and welcome the Sun.

Don’t forget about your nails too! What if he proposes you, and you don’t have a good manicure done? Moments are important, but also having a good nail polish too :)!

One lady can spend a lots of money on a few things:

*make up
*and the last but also very important …. Nails!

We live in that era that nails are the same important as the good matching clothes are too. Well manicured nails, is something that every young lady or older women should have. Continue reading

It’s alright to be single, but also it’s alright to keep up your integrity and to feel good in the skin you live in.

If we were chameleon, it would be much more easier for our soul to get used to the new love frequency that we signed for. If we were a robots, then I would love to get my heart programmed on the “Discovery heart channel” , so I could see “How it’s made a normal way of thinking in one man’s /woman’s head”. If I were a boy, then for sure I won’t turn into the psychological monster, where my aim it would be only one: “disrespect a woman’s worth, and get that beautiful mind of hers confused as a Chinese letters are still confusing to me today” . Continue reading

It’s a shame a beautiful girl not to wear one of a kind shoes!

Yes we know! Shoes are the apple of the eye for every woman! We can never stop buying them, collecting, and every time when we are in a shoe store , all the ladies no matter are you 18 or 88 the universal truth is: WE ARE ALL LIKE A KIDS IN A CANDY STORE! Hungry eyes, bigger wish and never enough money for the new pair of shoes! But, because you are a woman, you’ll always find a way how to buy them. Yes… We do sacrifice for shoes! In every way! Continue reading

Sorry for the bad service Sir… But I QUIT !

It’s kinda weird how some one strange feeling can make you to forget about yourself in few days, while you builded your world for 25 years.

We all watched Sex and the City we all know what is it about. Some of you admired the show because of the fashion sense of four young independent girls, while others admired by many other reasons.

I loved the way how Carrie made from a broken heart letters into a million dollars pay check! If I write about my experiences, believe me… Continue reading