The Autumn Squad

Cold and rainy weather usually make our skin a bit dry and an extra care is more than welcomed.

We all do have our top 3 products from childhood that we use them still as a grown ups.

Taking care of yourself doesn’t mean that you have to throw tons of money to do that. A simple care with a daily face cream , a good make up remover, baby powder and a body lotion after shower, a bit of mineral water spray before nap , a little vaseline for your dry lips and you are ready to go!

Here is my Autumn Squad :

Becutan baby powder , smoothes your skin and gives you that clean baby skin scent on you;

PINK – body lotion by Victoria’s Secret – a little sexy wake up morning call

Balea products by DM – great qualitty, affordable price, even better results

NIVEA – the face cream of generations , once you apply , you know you’ve entered the World of fresh and clean skin

Vaseline – keep it old school if you want your lips to be moisturized cool

BYPHASSE- Make up removal , soft and gently , great price and removes make up easily.

And don’t forget ladies, the best mirror of you, is your skin. Don’t forget to take care.


Shower with me !

Oh bath time… Let’s drown all of our worries of this day, and scent them with a fresh lime leaves, funky scrub and a bright a new smile. 

If you are from Europe, you’ll find a great beauty products and deals at a stores called “DM” – (Made in Germany) . Currently the shower gel “Balea” and the Scrub with a lemon grass from “Balea” are my ultimate favorites this year. Such a refreshment for the Spring and the upcoming Summer! 

Visit for more:

If you are from USA, the “Bath and Body Works” are remarkable, and no matter what you choose, you’ll always make a good choice. The “Limoncello” line is my fave. 

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For a body lotion, I prefer from “Victoria’s Secret ” the “PINK” Line… funky, cool and refreshing, plus I love their product designs. 

Visir for more :
“Becutan” from Macedonia is the cosmetic that we all grew up with and the “Alkaloid” fabric has a super cool stuff! 

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And if you wanna get cozy, wrap yourself in the great cotton products of the Serbian “Extreme Intimo” store. 

For more visit:

Have a great bath time! 

My mornin’ must do…

Mornings are always lazy and cosy , and most of the times we don’t wanna get out of those warm sheets. Why not cuddling all day or just scroling down through out fave social media? 🙂 

But, a new day has come and we have to embrace it! For my morning routine I use these following products, that keep that basic city make up all day long, smell o-so fresh and just having a lovely day in general. 

As a Foundation I warmly reccomend “Estee Lauder Double Wear” . You will love the results, and your skin reflection in the mirror.

Bare Minerals products (Eye shadows, mascara and a blush) … It will give you that daily city glam and it will keep you basic and chic.

Body butter by VS “Sweet Escape” – gonna take you to those secret city places. Soft, gentle and a memorable scent. 

Gucci Guilty body lotion is also a great idea! 

Draw those Kitty Kat Eyes with the Golden Rose eyeliner matte! 

Lipstick liner by Flormar. For a cute kisses during the day! 

Bronzer by Debby Milano in case you didn’t get kissed by the Sun, which I know you did. 

And at the end of the day, my face cleaning routine ends up with Clinique Products and Estee Lauder Mask. 

So, let’s run this town! 

Xoxo Nina

Pink mood… ON! 

California, California…. You are one endless story and a daily inspiration on every base.
It’s not even a wonder why this city is always wakening your dreams , whispering: ” They gonna become true” … 

I love every inch of Los Angeles… Even if I start I don’t know where I will end… or if I end… 

You see, Cali life is care free, dedicated to the hedonism, fashion and dreams. Here you can always find a spot under the Sun, you can visualize your star on the Hollywood walk of fame, you can feel like a VS ANGEL while you are shopping downtown… 

L.A you took my heart and I don’t want it back bae…