Morning coffees with Ottimo Handmade!

Just admit it, no morning will be good enough if there wasn’t a good coffee on the horizon. Mondays are always busy and the schedule might be intense, but hey! That doesn’t mean that you should forget to dress to impress…. not to impress anybody, but yourself first!

The Macedonian Brand ”OTTIMO HANDMADE” is your perfect business attire solution, where your creativity will be at a high level. All of their products are made by very pleasant materials, and they’re always looking forward to adding the latest trends in the fashion.

The ”polka dot ” bow tie that I have is matching in almost every style of mine and it simply changed the business fashion style game in my World.

Here are my favorites from Ottimo Hand Made.

For more, visit their FB Page : Ottimo Hand Made






Be a cat, have nine lives and a gracious walk!

To be honest, I am not a  fan of cats,  but there is something in them that is gracious and still a big mystery. The way they walk and their appearance is still interesting to watch.

In life, challenges come and go, but disappointments are always a faster train than joy, but that doesn’t mean to give up and to let them win. Even if you lose, it’s still alright babe, Rome wasn’t built in a day either.

Bad days will bring more Sun in the future, and negative people will eventually get tired of being mean and worthless for your time. That’s why kindness is the best exit that you can escape in that fire of bad vibes. Be a cat, die 8 times, survive 9 :))

Now, let’s connect the power of cats with a great Macedonian Brand!

This year holidays have started earlier in Drama Studio !

You have been working hard this year, you got your goals, accepted your life challenges, you were independent, bow -down for all the dedicated mamas and wifes, you passed your exams, got promoted to the position that you have been working hard…  Take a deep breath,  and have some time for yourself…

If you ever come to Skopje, Macedonia for sure you will notice some of the urban stylish girls wearing a cat necklace. If you do, it’s the Skopje style of the  Drama Studio by Ivana Knez.

Unique in many ways, Ivana Knez with her sense of fashion is already a permanent resident of the urban girl hearts. For many Macedonian ladies, this is their favorite fashion spot, where they can find a unique piece of clothing as well as jewelry.

Today, as a result of their new collaboration with Anabella perfume store and of course their pre-NY discount we were invited to their fashion spot.

Besides the great creations of Ivana Knez, I also got a very sophisticated gift which from the wrapping you will notice the simplicity and the elegance of the brand.

To be the day even better, there were yummy cookies all custom made in the fashion spirit of this young and respected designer.

P.S I got my favorite piece from the collection which reminds me of the style of Camila Cabello or simply to those fierce and powerful Mexican Women.

Drama Studio once again proved us the definition that the main picture and fashion philosophy is in the details.

Thank you, Ivana Knez and Drama Team for the lovely afternoon and for your warm welcome and the adorable present.



Traveling is my blood type, a bottle of oxygen, life story and soul healer. In the previous two years, I had the chance to travel around from Europe to Honduras, Hawaii, NY, Bermuda and the list goes on.
Everywhere I went, I took a piece of that culture that will always warm my heart, and cherish the great moments of the  ”forever young”  vibe.
When I travel, I do want to have my kind of a luggage, that will describe my traveling nature, and a luggage that will be easy to spot among the hundreds on the luggage track :). What about you?
Betsey Johnson is my QUEEN when it comes to fashion, colors, prints, fantasy, courage, energy all combined in one!
If you open her Instagram profile, it’s a great boost of positive energy, creative ideas, and prints that will color your World! And who can forget the remarkable, honest smile of Betsey? With life attitude like her, life is way more than beautiful.
Her luggage is my favorite. Prints and various colors, comfy and a good quality, and affordable price.
You can purchase them on or if you live in the US, go to the nearest Marshalls, and you’ll find them, standing proudly and waiting for the next fashionistas to color their voyage.
Betsey, traveling is so much fun with you!

Beauty Obsessed  by A.R – a daily dose of a fine fashion…

It’s great when your morning will start with your favorite coffee, smile of your dear children , a good talk with your husband/ wife, and some quality talk with your best friend over the phone.

But, instead of reading the boring  news, sometimes it’s great to  relax your mind with a daily dose of a good colors, creative mix of fine clothing and shoes, and all above dedicated to you with a great message. If you vote for this kind of a mornings and days… Then Beauty by A.R is the right site for you. 

Created with passion, updating with an ambition and love for fashion, this young lady A.R is a real fashionista who has a great taste of fashion and it’s styles. Beauty by A.R is a Facebook fan page who is strongly dedicated to the fine fashion, life values and the little things that life makes much more better. 

Her page is one of my favorite lately.  With over a 2000 followers, I have no doubts that her page will make your day brighter, happier and will relax your mind for a while, while you are escaping from the daily urban jungle. 

So what are you waiting for? Make your favorite coffee and relax your mind.

Enter this great page, if you are a real fashion lover like I am, I’m giving you my pass and enjoy. 

Here is the link: 

Beauty Obsessed by A.R