Summer dreaming with Stradivarius 

Welcome Summer! Welcome salt in my hair and waves on my skin. Welcome to all beautiful and positive vibes that this season spreads. 

Colors, sand , wet towels , electro vibes and styles that never fade away . 

The collection by Inditex from Zara to Stradivarius is passionate, romantic, pure Summer and divinity in motion. I ‘m pleasantly surprised that they also have a home collection, and I love it! 

Currently, I’m located  in Thessaloniki and I love the vibe on the Egnatia Street and all the local cafè bars close to the sea or in between. 

If you visit Thessaloniki, you’ll fall in love in every aspect of the city, the list is long if I start to type it, so you better book yourself a ticket, and let’s go and discover ! 


My messenger for the Summer

“After women, flowers are the most divine creations” – said once Christian Dior …

Women… we should celebrate our strenght and wisdom daily… Sometimes we behave naughty , and cross the lines, but we are the restless soliders for our family and loved ones… From all of those details for attention, we admire flowers the most ! Cuz it’s sincere, colorful and vintage.

Summer is here, and holidays are on our agenda! Ah, swimsuits, salt and waves, cocktails and beach volleyball! Can you already smell the spray tan that screams: AHOY SUMMER?!

My first messenger for this Summer is my new flower printed dress by Stradivarius , Inditex. As a former crew over there, I must say from year to year, your collections has been inspiring and original in every meaning of the word. 

Wear flowers, feel romantic and it doesn’t matter if you are single or crazy in love, Summer is here to keep us warm and pretty! 

Greece is my priority on Summer’s agenda, where are you heading next? 

Shoes by Aldo

Dress by: Stradivarius , Inditex

Bag by Guess 

Much love,


Just sit and laugh .

Sit and laugh girl, the Sun is out again today!
Take your favorite Jacobs to go coffee,and hit the road Jack. Put your favorite denim on, add your basic, and accessorize all that outfit with one big smile. While you pass those streets that have no name, plug n’ play your favorite music vibes and beats, and don’t let any drowned ship to stop you to raise your sail up high again. Continue reading

Urban solider into a modern society.

Society is changing, from morals to point of views, through new way of democracy and liberty. But, thank God we have fashion so we can express ourselves through personal style, without the need to be voted and elected. We simply wear what we want, and that’s the beauty of the fashion world. Continue reading

Wear your hot pink, with those chic faux leather leggings !

The color pink is always a color that will turn your look around and get points if somebody is wearing. It’s the same effect when some girl is wearing red. Now you know what I’m trying to say. It doesn’t matter if you are legally blonde or chocolate brown , pink was and it remained as “the favorite color” of the women’s population.
Continue reading