Get inspired !

Movies are such a good inspiration when it comes to style. They will take you to places, one day you’ll hang out with Audrey Hepburn in Rome, the next one you are in a sunny French village with Olivier Martinez driving along the south French coast, and then the very next day you are stuck in NY or LA on some rooftop bar hanging out with Sarah Jessica Parker , talking about love and fashion, while Kim Cattrall is booking your next posh spot to be seen at, while Cynthia and Kristin are waiting for you with a cup of warm coffee and wisdom words !

This outfit is inspired by the style of Carrie Bradshaw, remindig me how beautiful we (women) are , and that we should and we are a blooming flower no matter the season.

Dress and smile, laugh with your girlfriends, send the bad vibes away, let the good time come, and welcome the Sun.


There is no “WE” in chocolate …

Chocolate… no matter which shape or flavor, in my World, you are welcomed anytime! 

Chocolate makes us happy, fat but yet attractive . I can fall in love easily with a chocolate, and I know it won’t break my heart. 

Chocolate is good and available at anytime. It will always pick up the phone and it won’t cheat with other sweets :)) ! It will bring you peace and happiness in your soul, and it will be faithful until the end of time. 

Greek people are the masters when it comes to sweets. Baklava of any kind , cookies and sweets from any flavors ,  and no matter which one you are going to choose, you won’t make a mistake. 

A bakery chain named “Terkenlis” from Thessaloniki is a great choice for a quick sweet stop. You’ll find different kinds of sweets and they all taste great. Prices are affordable, and it’s great quality. ✌🏽

Enjoy in the magic of chocolate:

Whoever tries to drown you down, change the Sea, but not your mermaid vanes too!

This world that is wrapped around us, is full with people who will tell you how great you are in every sense of the word, won’t bring you down when you’ll want just to raise up and instead of cutting your wings…they will give you wings.
On the other hand, there is always a good and bad side of each story, movie or the real story of your life. Cowboys vs Indians, Black vs White, Dark and Light, Sun and Moon, Yesterday or Tomorrow , Yes or No, I will and I won’t, I can and I can’t.

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Wherever you are… Just don’t forget to smile ! Kill the energy waste vampires with your Sunrays!

Living in a stressful society in these days it’s easy to erase the smile from our young , black , yellow or white face. As a person who had many doubts about the life as every young person in these days have, from my all ups and downs, from great loves to broken friendships, at the very end I just realized one thing,and I hope it’s not still late… To smile.

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