Pink Elle Woods sweater and a smile…

Pink is one of my favorite colors. Call me a little girl, but when I am wearing this color, makes me simply happy.  It’s the color of happiness and love, the sweet emotions and the color that goes with everything. No matter how you combine it, it’s still sweet and sexy!

This is the Elle Woods color, so make sure you behave like her in certain situations, especially when it comes to being smart, and prove them wrong 🙂 .

This is my new favorite sweater and I simply adore it!

P.S and the boots? O boy, I could go at the end of the World with them cuz they are so comfortable!

What’s your favorite color?



Shower with me !

Oh bath time… Let’s drown all of our worries of this day, and scent them with a fresh lime leaves, funky scrub and a bright a new smile. 

If you are from Europe, you’ll find a great beauty products and deals at a stores called “DM” – (Made in Germany) . Currently the shower gel “Balea” and the Scrub with a lemon grass from “Balea” are my ultimate favorites this year. Such a refreshment for the Spring and the upcoming Summer! 

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If you are from USA, the “Bath and Body Works” are remarkable, and no matter what you choose, you’ll always make a good choice. The “Limoncello” line is my fave. 

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For a body lotion, I prefer from “Victoria’s Secret ” the “PINK” Line… funky, cool and refreshing, plus I love their product designs. 

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“Becutan” from Macedonia is the cosmetic that we all grew up with and the “Alkaloid” fabric has a super cool stuff! 

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And if you wanna get cozy, wrap yourself in the great cotton products of the Serbian “Extreme Intimo” store. 

For more visit:

Have a great bath time! 

Wear your hot pink, with those chic faux leather leggings !

The color pink is always a color that will turn your look around and get points if somebody is wearing. It’s the same effect when some girl is wearing red. Now you know what I’m trying to say. It doesn’t matter if you are legally blonde or chocolate brown , pink was and it remained as “the favorite color” of the women’s population.
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All the pink ladies! Blossom in your hot pink!

Pink is the color of a girly feeling, love, passion, happiness, sexy attitude… Cuz all women love pink! When I wear pink, it’s like coloring my heart with not crossing the line, fullfiling with positive vibes. This dress that I bought ystrday is from the turkish store L.C WAIKIKI , which I just simply adore it!

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