Need a photography heaven? 

Photos are always fun, to take them or simply just to make a great memory and have them forever. Photos are always reminding us of the beautiful moments captured with a heart, the places that we went , people that we met and the different cultural food that we ate around the Globe. 

This application named “YouPic” is a great escape from the ordinary day, an artistic positive vibe in every category. 

This team , supports photographers around the Globe and give a chance to everybody who have passion and love for photos, to upload their piece of art through their application and gain a great experience and get in touch with other creaive people ! 

For more visit or simply download the application ❤️! 


Hey ! Who snapped those photos?

When being a blogger or you have own site where you type about what you love it, whether it’s fashion,life or travel …. Somebody has to take a pictures! :))) and usually it’s the nearest ppl around you!

Usually I bother to my friends for me 2 strike the pose and then to Vogue , and untill now I have only positive feedbacks so far! Many styles, many poses but one big smile- the smile of a friendship! Continue reading