Need a photography heaven? 

Photos are always fun, to take them or simply just to make a great memory and have them forever. Photos are always reminding us of the beautiful moments captured with a heart, the places that we went , people that we met and the different cultural food that we ate around the Globe. 

This application named “YouPic” is a great escape from the ordinary day, an artistic positive vibe in every category. 

This team , supports photographers around the Globe and give a chance to everybody who have passion and love for photos, to upload their piece of art through their application and gain a great experience and get in touch with other creaive people ! 

For more visit or simply download the application ❤️! 


One black dress, and over knee boots, are a perfect match for a black and white photography. 

Black and white photography is an eternal art for my taste. If you ask me which one will I choose between the colorful and black and white… I would always say the black and white one. Why? 

Through this kind of photography, ages do not exist. Emotions are always sincere, and the face expressions are exact. These kind of photography are very dear to me. Like the time stopped, like we are forever young. 

Aren’t we?

The best way to have a great expression of a black and white photography is to combine it with a basic things. Simplicity. 

Black dress and over knees boots are a must. To be honest , got inspired by the video of Holly Valance b- Naughty girl. It was my kind of fascination since teenage age. So simple, but so sexy and seductive.

In case you don’t remember the song, here is the link —–> Holly Valance

When a life change is around the corner, reply to life with a shot of you! 

Have a great Saturday everyone!