Make a ROAR with Vans Shoes

Vans has always been an old-school brand, that many generations have grown up and made their first steps in their youth with these shoes actually.

Their prints and designs vary from basic to colorful worlds that will blow your mind. The collections such as ”Off the Wall” is a true inspiration for every person from skater to a fashion blogger. The name itself it’s a cool reminder of the one and only Michael Jackson and his mega-successful album ”Off the Wall”.

No matter which prints you choose to wear, you will make a statement roar walk no matter what. Vans shoes will keep you cool, but also keep you in style.

Their shoes beside combining with denim, are great option to be combined with faux leather leggings and a faux fur. Add some colorful sweater and you are ready to go!

Enjoy the sounds of MJ, and have a great weekend.

When the world is on your shoulder
Gotta straighten up your act and boogie down

Groove, let the madness in the music get to you
Life ain’t so bad at all
If you live it off the wall
Life ain’t so bad at all

Love you!


Michael Jackson- Off the Wall


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Off the wall, but not by Michael Jackson 

In the world of bloggers, fashionistas, style setters, photography lovers and to all of us who love art indeed, a wall with funky graffiti is an inspirational background for a good image. 
From the various live colors, to those creative lines of letters,symbols and creations, I always get inspired and amazed of the talent of one human’s hand. 

It doesn’t matter if you draw tree, flowers or just simply writing a beautiful message to the World, as long as you are creating art from your heart, that’s what matters the most . 
What’s your favorite background pals?  


Shirt by Nike

Shoes by Adidas Originas

Leggy pants by Forever 21

Bag by MK 

Sorry, but I’m kid born in the 80’s, culture educated in the 90’s … Therefore, you are the New Generation, I’m old school ‘

If you are born in the 80’s , and raised in the 90’s then you are part of the old school generation: Beverly Hills taught us bout that California life, MJ showed us how to dance and embroided a timeless lyrics into his epic music.
Guns n’ roses showed us

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They call it vintage, I call it: my grandpa was classy and had a style!A 50yrs old RayBan’s !

You’ll never know what can u find in yours grandparents’s closet! From retro skirts, to an amazing coats, weird shirts, old original denim, a pretty funky cool vintage eyewear like I found recently! You know, the real fashionistas love to dig through old stuff, clean them a bit, and to give the old good shine again!Belonged to my grandpa, and they r almost 50yrs old sunglasess! Who would said! If somebody said that u can’t turn back time, just put your grandpa’s eyewear no matter which shape and color they are, and watch through his perspective! You’ll see the old times, those crazy 50’s or 40’s , and you’ll feel the classy vibes provided by your fashionista granddad! As they said: style is eternal. Yap, they got it right granny! 20140625-005204-3124681.jpg