Spring in my town… April babe!

Spring is the season that awakes all of our emotions and inner feelings. Mother Nature has given us all the colors to paint our World into the shade that we want to. And it’s up to you where you want to add contrast or a new technique.

Skopje in Spring is living fast and often shares great vibes. The Macedonian Square is a such an inspirational place to take your Insta city photo, and it will fit you perfectly with your outfit of the day.

Today, I chose to wear my pink Vans shoes, cuz I’d better see through pink shades than through your perception.



This year I am chasing dreams!


Tons of happiness and love, great moments and a firework emotions with your soulmates!

Although 2017 was rough and pleasant at the same time, still it was a good year. Trips around the globe and lovely people that I’ve met, but somehow I am still happy to say goodbye to the old year, and to open my heart to the new one!

This year I am chasing dreams and only positive vibes, I am more than happy to say goodbye to everything that made my heart sad.

This year we will make a great impact on our lives and we will be the better version of ourselves.


Keep your dreams alive, limits high and head up!





When Karma will be your guest, let me know!

Betrayals are not fun, or pleasant at any point, but the positive benefit of them is that they will clear your head once and for all. Betrayal will come in different shapes and from different destinations and don’t be surprised who is the head mind of it.

What I suggest is to keep your head up. Bite the dust, swallow the pain, eventually, it will pass.  Look forward to the upcoming days of the winning battle of ignorance. Explaining is the same way of saying sorry, so instead of doing that, just keep swimming as Nemo.

The sea is full of different sharks and other species,¬†but not everybody can follow your tide. It’s the same with people. Ex-loves will remain broken pieces of hope and dreams, drained emotions, bitter waste of time. Toxic people can offer you nothing but only toxic, people who will use you can offer you nothing just to use you and throw you away.

Instead of planning revenge, let that shit go. You don’t need one more round of negativity or empty words. What you need is an inner peace and a clear state of mind. A smile and plans for the upcoming future.

Stay away from people with words like bullets and acts sharp as a knife. You don’t need wounds and scars. You need a healthy body and a soul. Who needs a bandaids when you can feel comfortable and sexy in your skin?

Karma will do the rest, it will knock on the IT door once you leave forever. It won’t ask questions, it will be the real slim shady as they were too. And somewhere between your happiness and joy, you will receive the information that the job is done. But, it won’t matter anymore, because you, my dear friend will wish nothing but the best.

Remember, a good heart is way more powerful than any evil in somebody’s mind.




Brown shade coat and a big smile along!

Hello December, and hello Winter too!

The season is officially open, long oversized coats combined with basic clothing are the best fashion style that you can wear so far during this cold weather.

The brown color is always a timeless color that will never fade away from the IT list on ” What to wear”.

Wearing this shade always reminds me of the bloggers around the world, their simplicity and keeping the casual vibe.

Long coats are easy to be combined. If you wear them with a pair of high heels you instantly feel like Beyonce from the video ”Ring the Alarm” walking as a strong woman, facing your downs with a smile and a red lipstick.

But, if you chose to wear them with basic sneakers, don’t worry it’s still fashionable and you look cute and remarkable.

Macedonian fashion industry has lots of good fabric industries that offer quality and great designs. One of them is the old-fashioned ”Teteks” which long time ago was a brand leader in Macedonia and also in Yugoslavia too.

”Teteks” is the definition that quality remains no matter which trends are coming along the way.

So, check out your local home brands and see what they have to offer. Sometimes, the place that seems hopeless is a source of a pure hope.

P.S Besides my Style of the Day, I prepared for you a few fashion suggestions on long coats.

Stay cool and sweet my dear readers.

Nina loves you!




Coffee and Friends @ Broz Caffe

Coffee is the beginning of each day. It’s the warm drink that inspires us and gives us that power to ”survive” this day.

Coming in different flavors, I love to see the passion between the barista and his coffee, it’s art in motion, a boundary between the milk and the coffee.¬† It’s funny to see how one coffee can wake up all of your senses and calm you better than any pill.

If you visit Skopje, feel free to come at Broz Cafe, a warm and cozy place located on the Boulevard Partizanski Odredi near the Bakery Silbo.

If you need a spot for your co-working ideas, to chit-chat with your BFF, or simply to enjoy in the city vibe with a great view of the Vodno Mountain and the traffic jam, this is the place for you.

You can choose different flavors of coffee and the yummy snacks that they have to offer.

No matter what you’ll take, this is a great spot for freelancers, meetings, and bloggers who are always on the run.

Enjoy your coffee no matter where you are!



Soulmates ? Are we ?

Love is a defining power that makes us sometimes winners or losers. In both cases, we learn a lot.

Having a soulmate is a marvelous thing that can happen to you. You read each other¬†minds without saying a word, you recognize that stranger in the middle of the crowd. It’s the energy, connects you both in the epicenter of your worlds.

You recognize a soulmate with your heart, by the force of his/her smile. In the arms of your soulmate, it feels like home and nowhere else.

Fears are a big part of our lives, we do trust them and sometimes they guide us on the wrong paths.

Are you brave enough to fight for what you love?

It’s all about that spark, that light up your whole world.

C’mon baby light my fire…

unnamed (2)

Turtle-necks and trench coats!

There is something so elegant and sophisticated when it comes to the turtlenecks style. It gives that mysterious and hidden elegance and beauty of one person. Wearing them it makes you feel serious and simple. Simplicity is my way of a fashion expression, and no matter the trends that are current or coming up, this is the base that I am always staying faithful.

Trench coats are good for the Autumn season, and besides keeping you cozy and warm, they always have that elegant signature wearing them.

No matter which style you choose, add some high heels boots to get that sophisticated ARMY city look.

Have a lovely Saturday!


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Make a ROAR with Vans Shoes

Vans has always been an old-school brand, that many generations have grown up and made their first steps in their youth with these shoes actually.

Their prints and designs vary from basic to colorful worlds that will blow your mind. The collections such as ”Off the Wall” is a true inspiration for every person from skater to a fashion blogger. The name itself it’s a cool reminder of the one and only Michael Jackson and his mega-successful album ”Off the Wall”.

No matter which prints you choose to wear, you will make a statement roar walk no matter what. Vans shoes will keep you cool, but also keep you in style.

Their shoes beside combining with denim, are great option to be combined with faux leather leggings and a faux fur. Add some colorful sweater and you are ready to go!

Enjoy the sounds of MJ, and have a great weekend.

When the world is on your shoulder
Gotta straighten up your act and boogie down

Groove, let the madness in the music get to you
Life ain’t so bad at all
If you live it off the wall
Life ain’t so bad at all

Love you!


Michael Jackson- Off the Wall

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Where my heart is … Thessaloniki !

Thessaloniki has always been my #1 city since I was a student. The city vibe, the fashion itself, the hedonism in motion, the sea and the great frapetaki time are few of the reasons that make me coming back always to this place.

On the Tsimitski and Ignatia streets, you will find various shops where you can satisfy your shopping appetite and after you can relax at any of the coffee bars near the sea.

My favorite is¬†¬†Tribeca Bar where you can enjoy the great service, and for food no matter where you go, you won’t stay hungry I promise.

The good fact about Thessaloniki or known as Salonica is that the weather is always warm no matter which season we are talking about.

So, enjoy your stay in Salonica and don’t forget to embrace the beauty of this city!


Leggings by Tommy Hilfiger

Shoes by Vans

Faux Fur by Calvin Klein

Sweater – Local brand



Traveling is my blood type, a bottle of oxygen, life story and soul healer. In the previous two years, I had the chance to travel around from Europe to Honduras, Hawaii, NY, Bermuda and the list goes on.
Everywhere I went, I took a piece of that culture that will always warm my heart, and cherish the great moments of the¬† ”forever young”¬† vibe.
When I travel, I do want to have my kind of a luggage, that will describe my traveling nature, and a luggage that will be easy to spot among the hundreds on the luggage track :). What about you?
Betsey Johnson is my QUEEN when it comes to fashion, colors, prints, fantasy, courage, energy all combined in one!
If you open her Instagram profile, it’s a great boost of positive energy, creative ideas, and prints that will color your World! And who can forget the remarkable, honest smile of Betsey? With life attitude like her, life is way more than beautiful.
Her luggage is my favorite. Prints and various colors, comfy and a good quality, and affordable price.
You can purchase them on Amazon.com or if you live in the US, go to the nearest Marshalls, and you’ll find them, standing proudly and waiting for the next fashionistas to color their voyage.
Betsey, traveling is so much fun with you!