Old industrial zone, new art!

The old abandoned industrial zones are always a great inspirations for great captions. And it doesn’t matter what you wear, you will always look great captured

in motion.

My sudden collaboration with my artistic friend Martin, brought a great product in this photo session.

Wearing the “Soulmates forever” Springfield jacket and KOTON black dress.


We dream in colors …

We dream in colors and we smile from the heart. We are forever young and brave hearts. We love to see through pink color , although sometimes might be black…

We are brave hearts and lost souls, we follow the sea, cuz that’s our road. 

To all sailors and wanderlust people, don’t let them cut your wings and damage your sails, close your eyes and feel the wind, guide yourself to the heights and unreached tops. 

Change for better, but never for anyone. 

Under every law it’s legal to chase your dreams …

Dreams will come true if you chase them , and don’t let them go. We all dream about something, and they are our sweet escape from our reality today and tomorrow. 

There will be stops and signs to defocus your way and goal, but you should pass them with a smile and a clear vision. 
Avoid people who have doubts in your actions, they don’t even trust in them too, so why would they believe in you? 
And no matter which battle you’ll lose or win, the most important battle not to give up on is the one with yourself. 

Wearing Atmosphere Clothing by UK…  

Be the mermaid, and swim through bad storms like a rainbow fish…

There will be storms, but look on the top and you can see the Sun from any angle. Work on yourself and get yourself happy. With no exceptions. Life will throw balls and will touch down you, but you have to stand up and win them in the Muhammad Ali’s style. 

Life isn’t about giving up, it’s about to win those sharks around you and catch your last breath and survive. Cuz you will.

Whenever you see the storm coming up, light up your mermaid fins, and swim with dignity. 

Wearing : H&M