Happy holidays!

Happy holidays WORLD!

One more year full of joy and few tears, but hey at least we have our presents under the Christmass Tree :)))

Every year is challenging, and we have grown up so much, that on every previous year we laugh and sometimes we do repeat the same lessons.

There is something magical when Christmass holidays are around the corner, the lights, wrapping presents, hot chocolate, ice skating, letters to Santa and many more things that make us happy. And of course, having your family together at one spot!

This year dear people, I’ll wish you healthy heart and mind, stay focused on your goals and dedicated to the friends that inspire you and make a better version of you. Keep your mind clean and don’t spend a second on negative people and negative thoughts.

Have your bucket list full and keep upgrading it until you are not fully satisfied. Forgive and let it go, keep your old emotions in the basement and make sure you clean it once and forever.

Decorate your home and say how much you love your family, cuz life is changing fast. Be grateful and cherish the day. Stay humble and keep the original version of yourself.


Happy holidays babes ❤





Wrap my feet in Betsey Jonhson shoes !

Holidays are around the corner, so wrapping gifts too! I love the bright Christmas colors and the happiness in the air. I enjoy when I see people enjoying their Christmas spirit, buying presents for their family and decorating their homes in the various holiday shades. Red, gold, silver purple, green whatever you choose it will still represent a warm home filled with love and dear relatives.


Shoes will always be the Achilles spot for every woman. No exception. When you are in your early 20s you don’t admire the shoes that much, cuz at first you don’t get the whole shoe mania. Later, older and wiser you do understand the need for a great pair of shoes. And no matter which outfit you have one, a great pick of shoes will make a big impact and difference.

This holiday I will wish a pair of Betsey Jonhson shoes because they are always special, unique and they always have that signature walk while you wear them.

These pink shoes are the perfect present for the upcoming Spring. You can combine them with denim or skirt, and no matter what you choose to wear, they will still look cute and seductive at the same time. With these shoes, there are no rainy days, and I can only walk under the Sun.


What’s your Christmas wish?



My Pink November Wishlist

Holidays are around the corner and we can already sense the excitement that comes along. Wrapping gifts, what to wear, glittery ideas, sparkling moments and snowy days and knitted scarfs.

The list of my wishes for my dear Santa might be long, but still keeping my limits neat J

No matter the season, pastel colors are my favorite crayons that I love to color with. From baby pink and nude cappuccino lips to the blushing cheeks and wavy hair. Lashes to impress and an outfit to keep you warm and in style.

And no matter which color you prefer, wearing any shade of pink, will wake up the little girl and the powerful lady in you.

Color your World, by the shade that makes you happy.

  1. MY Burberry Blush
  2. La Femme Cross Bag-Parfois
  3. Ken Cross Bag –Parfois
  4. Keaira shoes by Aldo
  5. Ryma Pink shoes by Aldo
  6. Estee Lauder Bronze Goddess Powder Bronzer
  7. Wallet and a document keeper by Parfois
  8. Ticket to Milan
  9. Rose Wine for the Holidays
  10. Calvin Klein Watch

Now, let me write a note to Santa!

P.S. Who is excited about the holidays?

The Christmas tree always brings a joy, and wakes up the inner kid in you!

Cinnamon December. The month of happiness, twinkle fashion , rainbow lights, decorated houses, warm tea and a cappuccino with cinnamon and cream, home- made cookies, Santa Claus and his crew , snow , ice skating Black Friday ,wrapping presents, and a cozy winter nights with a warm blanket and a fire and of course… How can you forget to watch the legendary animated movie “Frozen” during this period?
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