Waffles and sunny days!

Waffles will repair your mood INSTANTLY!

No matter the reason why you are sad, Nutella on top of waffles always cures everything. If you are broken, disappointed, you got fired, the boy that you like won’t pick up the phone, you want those shoes but your salary is faaaaaar away, name thousands of reasons to be upset, but there is only one good to put a smile on your face… Waffles ladies and gentleman!

And don’t forget, waffles always taste better if your share it with your BFF!

Which flavor are your faves?



There is no “WE” in chocolate …

Chocolate… no matter which shape or flavor, in my World, you are welcomed anytime! 

Chocolate makes us happy, fat but yet attractive . I can fall in love easily with a chocolate, and I know it won’t break my heart. 

Chocolate is good and available at anytime. It will always pick up the phone and it won’t cheat with other sweets :)) ! It will bring you peace and happiness in your soul, and it will be faithful until the end of time. 

Greek people are the masters when it comes to sweets. Baklava of any kind , cookies and sweets from any flavors ,  and no matter which one you are going to choose, you won’t make a mistake. 

A bakery chain named “Terkenlis” from Thessaloniki is a great choice for a quick sweet stop. You’ll find different kinds of sweets and they all taste great. Prices are affordable, and it’s great quality. ✌🏽

Enjoy in the magic of chocolate: https://youtu.be/RDoGT5nflI4

Pasta … a medicine for the soul!

When you think of Italy, you think of: 

  • Pasta
  • Vero Moda
  • Fashion Week
  • Gelato
  • Hot Italians 
  • And pizzaaaaaaaaaa

Well, it doesn’t matter which is the first thing that reminds you on Bella Italia as long as it warms your heart ! 

Cooking is a great pleasure of mine. I love to cook for friends and family. And to be honest, I barely follow recipes … I just love to experiment with my ingredients from the fridge ! 

I love pasta! Well, who doesn’t ! But Bolognese are my kinda flave! 

It’s simple and tasty! 

To add more love to your pasta, play some Italian music as a backround playlist… It will relax and make you happy! 

Ti ammo Italia ! ❤️🇮🇹