T- Tuesdays and Tuxedo

After Monday, comes the busy Tuesday. And you always wanna impress with no stress. Tuesdays are good. They always remind me that I have a schedule and week goals. Since this Autumn is sunny in Skopje, a white tuxedo is still an option to be part of my daily business – casual style.

Good shoes will always make a point, basic posh hair will always get you more points, good bag will close the deal, shades are to keep you cool, and a smile is your key of success.

Get up, get dressed, chase your dream.


Nous sommes Nina et Ana. Nous adorons la mode, et un bon café ! 

Fashion all around , from A-Z, from head to toes… once you live in Europe, and you know you’re breathing fashion oxygen , you certainly have a duty to look and dress nice. And warm! Cuz Autumn is around the corner.

What I like about Autumn look, is combining Earth colors from brown to yellow , and you can finally wear your boots, ankle boots etc… And no matter what you choose, you will look adorable even in your scarf or poncho early in the morning, heading to take your coffee to go. 

So, spent your time with the people you love, cuz family is always here to melt and warm your heart. Just like Olaf 🙂 ! 

Wishing you a great, sunny, warm Autumn day ! 


A bohemian walk

Autumn is here and that means it’s time to take out your boots and warm clothes.

Over the knee boots are my kinda thing, cuz you can combine them with everyting from A-Z , and you will still look chic, basic and well dressed. 

I love my new fringe over the knee caramel boots, cuz since I’m flying soon to warmer places like Bermuda and Bahamas, I have like literally few weeks to wear them.

Today I chose the leather leggings, white shirt and a tuxedo. Keep it simple, right? 

Welcome Autumn, I’m ready for ya 🍂🍁 

One black dress, and over knee boots, are a perfect match for a black and white photography. 

Black and white photography is an eternal art for my taste. If you ask me which one will I choose between the colorful and black and white… I would always say the black and white one. Why? 

Through this kind of photography, ages do not exist. Emotions are always sincere, and the face expressions are exact. These kind of photography are very dear to me. Like the time stopped, like we are forever young. 

Aren’t we?

The best way to have a great expression of a black and white photography is to combine it with a basic things. Simplicity. 

Black dress and over knees boots are a must. To be honest , got inspired by the video of Holly Valance b- Naughty girl. It was my kind of fascination since teenage age. So simple, but so sexy and seductive.

In case you don’t remember the song, here is the link —–> Holly Valance

When a life change is around the corner, reply to life with a shot of you! 

Have a great Saturday everyone! 

Cool kids wear Adidas. Stripes, grey color, and old school sweatshirts. O, and my new favorite shoes by Adidas!

When you think about Adidas, what that does reminds you on?
If you ask me, it reminds me on a few things:

*cool kids from the 90’s wearing the old school Adidas shoes with a higher white sock, while rolling around on their skateboard Continue reading

Urban solider into a modern society.

Society is changing, from morals to point of views, through new way of democracy and liberty. But, thank God we have fashion so we can express ourselves through personal style, without the need to be voted and elected. We simply wear what we want, and that’s the beauty of the fashion world. Continue reading