All the pink ladies! Blossom in your hot pink!

Pink is the color of a girly feeling, love, passion, happiness, sexy attitude… Cuz all women love pink! When I wear pink, it’s like coloring my heart with not crossing the line, fullfiling with positive vibes. This dress that I bought ystrday is from the turkish store L.C WAIKIKI , which I just simply adore it!

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Je suis … Nina!


The weekend passed, but I can’t leave behind this Tres Jolie combination just like that, with no picture capp. Having the new golden bracelets by Bershka which remind me on the ancient Greece ( my favorite place to be) ,and oh-so feelin’ like Goddess. Beside the white “excuse moi corset” ,a high waisted skirt by Zara from this winter collection is a must! Mix and match it. Voila! My inspiration for this look? To the left to the left… Sounds familiar? For sure she does….Bey-o-o-onceee !

J’adore it!