Nous sommes Nina et Ana. Nous adorons la mode, et un bon café ! 

Fashion all around , from A-Z, from head to toes… once you live in Europe, and you know you’re breathing fashion oxygen , you certainly have a duty to look and dress nice. And warm! Cuz Autumn is around the corner.

What I like about Autumn look, is combining Earth colors from brown to yellow , and you can finally wear your boots, ankle boots etc… And no matter what you choose, you will look adorable even in your scarf or poncho early in the morning, heading to take your coffee to go. 

So, spent your time with the people you love, cuz family is always here to melt and warm your heart. Just like Olaf 🙂 ! 

Wishing you a great, sunny, warm Autumn day ! 


Autumn! Warm chestnuts, hot Fuchsia lips, sweet red wine, and new skin… Put your fur on!

Autumn usually is considered as the season of the school beginning, that one of a kind smell of new notebooks, golden leaf on a wet road, foggy skies but sweet warm red wines, cinnamon and lovely hug, Earth colors and more windy days. For me, Autumn always reminds me of the first school bell, and we all want to be kids for once …if that is possible. Please be. Halloween and fashion weeks. Rains and trench coats. Umbrellas and warm chocolates.
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