Can you paint with all the colors of the wind?

Mykonos is the perfect spot to feel the wind in your hair , while you are watching the one of a kind Greek Sunset.
No matter where you turn to, you will always have your perfect picture from any angle.

I simply adore the colors of the Greek sky and everything that wind will bring and usually it's the pure sense of the Mediterranean… lavender , olives, sea and the nature surrounded .

Visit Mykonos, to paint with the colors of the wind ! 🍁🍃🎋


August, warm my heart with your Summer rays, feed my soul with your life symphony

August !
Warm and cozy like a Summer sunset.
Summer is passing so fast, and we are catching all of out Summer memories and styles in a rush.
Our skin is glowing and our mind has a different set up , making us prepared for the new Autumn goals !
August, you are my month of Earth Colors and styles !