They call it vintage, I call it: my grandpa was classy and had a style!A 50yrs old RayBan’s !

You’ll never know what can u find in yours grandparents’s closet! From retro skirts, to an amazing coats, weird shirts, old original denim, a pretty funky cool vintage eyewear like I found recently! You know, the real fashionistas love to dig through old stuff, clean them a bit, and to give the old good shine again!Belonged to my grandpa, and they r almost 50yrs old sunglasess! Who would said! If somebody said that u can’t turn back time, just put your grandpa’s eyewear no matter which shape and color they are, and watch through his perspective! You’ll see the old times, those crazy 50’s or 40’s , and you’ll feel the classy vibes provided by your fashionista granddad! As they said: style is eternal. Yap, they got it right granny! 20140625-005204-3124681.jpg


Wanna checkmate my style? Try with the Zara Woman shorts!

What I do love about black and white , is that you can always play with the style and shapes, but still to remain : basic n’ sexy! In my previous posts, if you noticed , keepin’ it basic is like one kind of a fashion philosophy for me. I got these shorts as a gift from my amazing swag team in Zara,Skopje while I was working there, cuz they knew it that I can handle the checkmate by Zara 🙂 . Combine it with a simple black sweatshirt or shirt, put an ankle shoes on your feet, and walk that road baby! Oh, and yes… Never forget your smile too!